From Geralt, Dandelion to Triss, there are a lot of characters that rise the cosplaying heat among fans. Recently, the Keira Metz and Yennefer cosplay artists are making jaws drop for how beautiful they look.

Keira Metz cosplay

Keira Metz is the sorceress whom players come across in the early part of The Witcher 3. Both cunning and smart, she instantly has her own agenda while helping Geralt find Ciri.

Much like Triss and Yennefer, players have the chance to romance Keira Metz. Although the first time she formally appeared was in The Witcher 3, the character was briefly mentioned in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Keira Metz The Witcher
Keira Metz is one of the most cosplayed characters in The Witcher series for her smart and attractive appearance.

Lately, cosplayer marven_art has uploaded their amazing cosplay of Keira Metz to the subreddit page of the game.

In the picture series, marven_art showcases their incredible stitching skill in reliving the design of the character’s dress. The jewelry assortment she wore was also excellent. The later images show her in-scene, pulling grass and working at a bench. These are the sorceress’ common actions in the title.

Keira Metz Cosplay
The outfit of Marven art cosplay almost 100% resembles that of Keira in the game.

Like other Witcher 3 cosplayers, their natural resemblance to Keira does bring her to life more than just the scenery and the clothing.

Keira Metz Cosplay 2
The cosplayer looks fantastic in her version of Keira Metz.

Although the Witcher series on Netflix will not likely feature Keira Metz, the costume design staff can totally recruit marven_art to help bring their character to the screen in case she does appear in the end.

Keira Metz Cosplay 3
They even do the grass plucking action just like the game version.

Yennefer cosplay

On the other hand, the Alternate Looks DLC of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released for the main female characters Yennefer, Ciri, and Triss. A fan has recently shared a look at their Yennefer of Vengerberg cosplay. It's easy to understand why the Yennefer cosplay quickly went viral as this is one of the best female characters in The Witcher series. The cosplay also did an excellent job in delivering the vibe of this Witcher character as well as the surrounding backgrounds.

Yenneger 2
Yennefer cosplay is extremely famous in the fan community.

carleybombshell shared a peek of their Yennefer's alternative outfit iteration. From the blue feathers falling from the off-shoulder top to the lace and leather completing the whole look, they brought about a vivid version of the character.

Yennefer Cosplay
Cosplayer carleybombshell showcases the raven-haired sorceress' Alternative Look DLC outfit.

Yennefer cosplay alternate outfit contrasts with her default outlook as it is composed of chiefly trousers and heavier furs. However, the attire shows up a bit modified which further accentuates the character without compromising the thing that made her authentic look so iconic to fans.

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