The Witch series’ popularity has become over the top and the game is played by most gamers of all time. With an appealing storyline and powerful characters, The Witch is a true gem. Meanwhile, commands and cheat codes make this flawless execution even more addicting.

Command Console is mainly a debugging tool which you can use to repair glitches, set stats, lever god-mode, no-clip, and more. With Witcher 3 console commands, players have the ability to access special features such as diverse characters, monster spawning, or create items. So what are the Witcher 3 console commands and how can you enable them? Let us be the usher for all that you concern about.

The Witcher 3
This is the guide you need to use all console commands for The Witcher: Wild Hunt.

How to enable Witcher 3 console

There are a lot of commands available to add items, spawn monsters, and do other fun things. Players will have to activate the debug console to get to use Witcher 3 console commands. Enabling The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes little effort and will take you just a moment. You can alter some settings in the game in order to get it activated.

Take a look at the specific steps:

1. Open Windows Explorer to spot your Witcher 3 folder.

2. In the Steam Library, right-click on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As you select Manage -> Browse Local Files, you will be directed to Windows Explorer to the same folder.

3. Now scroll to bin -> config -> base, and open the general.ini file with Notepad++ or Notepad.

4. On the new line at the bottom of the file, enter "DBGConsoleOn=true" without quote marks.

5. Ensure to run The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt after saving and closing the file.

6. When you have joined the game, press @ or # or F2 in order to open and close the console.

Witcher 3 Console Walkthrough Activate
Make sure to activate the Witcher 3 console before using its commands.

Now, when you desire to put in a certain console command, all you have to do is opening the console up, insert the command, and Enter.

After following the steps below which only takes you a few seconds, you can spend time using anything in this list of console commands for The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 console commands list

Here players will find a comprehensive listing of every command for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as well as the function and how they can use them. Make sure to utilize the table of content if you want to jump to a particular command.

Note: In case a command includes brackets. It may require some parameters, aka the italicized sections. While specific parameters are optional, most are essential in order for the command to work.

The Witcher 3 Gwent
The commands are divided into separate categories for players to have a more thorough approach.

1. Player commands

  • god: Enable invincibility.
  • healme: Refill HP bar of Geralt.
  • Geralt: Retrograde player character to Geralt.
  • Ciri: Switch player character to Ciri.

2. Character commands

  • setlevel(#): Sets your player level.

ex: setlevel(15)

  • levelup: Boost player level by 1.
  • addexp(#): Adds specified amount of experience points.

ex: addexp(25000)

  • learnskill(skill): Learns specified skill

ex: learnskill(sword_s3); Re-entering command will increase skill level.

  • Cat(0): Disable night vision.
  • Cat(1): Enable night vision.
  • setbeard(1): Grows a beard on Geralt.
  • shave: Remove Geralt's facial hair.
  • seatattoo(1): Activates tattoo from Witcher 2 save.
  • seatattoo(0): Erase tattoo from Witcher 2 save.

3. Inventory commands

  • additem(name,#): Add designated item(s) to inventory.

ex: additem(Bear Armor 1,3), specifying item quantities is not mandatory.

  • addmoney(#): Add a certain amount of Crowns.

ex: addmoney(150000)

The Witcher 3 4
These commands will help you a lot in dealing with tricky situations in the game.
  • removemoney(#): Remove a specified number of Crowns.

ex: removemoney(7)

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4. In-game commands

  • killall: Kill every enemy engaged in combat.
  • spawn(name,#): Spawn a specified number of NPCs.

ex: spawn(bear_grizzly,40)

  • makeitrain: Switch on stormy weather.
  • stoprain: Stop rain from falling.

5. Gwent commands

  • secretgwint: Play a round of Gwent anywhere immediately.
  • winGwint(#): Win the current Gwent game with a certain number of power points.
  • addgwintcards: Add one of every Gwent card to your deck.
  • additem(card,#): Add the specified number of desired Gwent cards.

ex: additem(gwint_card_werewolf,8)

Gwent has an individual command section.

6. Map commands

  • gotoNovigrad: Fast-travel to Novigrad immediately
  • gotoSkellige: Fast-travel to the Skellige Isles immediately
  • ShowAllFT(1): Explore all Signposts
  • gotoPrologWinter: Fast-travel immediately to White Orchard
  • ShowPins(1): Explore every map icon and area
  • gotoKaerMorhen: Fast-travel to Kaer Morhen immediately
  • gotoProlog: Fast-travel to White Orchard immediately

There you have it, the full guide to all console commands in The Witcher 3. It is not the only instruction we have on this RPG masterpiece.

Take a look at other useful guides we have provided on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as well as other game titles on!

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