You have probably heard about the famous action role-playing game "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." It's the third installment in the "The Witcher" franchise, developed by CD Projekt Red. This reward-winning game has so much to praise about. But today, we'll take a look at its crafting system. More specifically, a particular material - Monster Essence Witcher 3. Here's what you need to know about it and where to find some.

What is Monster Essence Witcher 3?

Monster Essen is one of many crafting materials available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Players need to collect this component to craft a variety of items in the game, ranging from armors, weapons, to Runestones. You can gather Monster Essence Witcher 3 very early in the game. However, it may not have much of a use in the earlier stages.

Witcher 3 Geralt
You cannot buy Monster Essence, so don't try to find a way.

In order to actually use Monster Essence, you must first unlock the recipes that require it. The process includes roaming about the Four Kingdoms to find and complete Treasure Hunt quests. Upon completing this quest type, players will receive diagrams of powerful gears.

Once an item's diagram is learned, you can check the required components to craft it from the Crafting tab in your inventory. To access the Crafting tab, simply hit the Backspace button and choose "Crafting".

Note: The better the items' quality, the higher the mastery of the Blacksmith. Therefore, to craft master items, you must locate master Blacksmiths in the game. Hint, there's one in Novigrad. Learn more about the Blacksmith in our "Of Swords and Dumplings" guide

Where to Get Monster Essence Witcher 3?

There is no fixed location to get Monster Essence in "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt." In fact, you cannot farm this material directly. Also, shopkeepers don't sell it either. But if Monster Essence Witcher 3 doesn't exist, how can you acquire it?

Dismantle unused items to get the materials you need.

Well, Monster Essence can ONLY be obtained from dismantling certain materials in the game. You won't find it in any other place.

Here's the list of items that will give you Monster Essence when dismantled:

  • Barghest Essence (Of Blood and Wine DLC exclusive)
  • Crystalized Essence
  • Dark Essence
  • Elemental Essence
  • Endrega Embryo
  • Essence of Wraith
  • Golem's Heart
  • Light Essence
  • Shaelmaar Hair (Of Blood and Wine DLC exclusive)
  • Water Essence

Two of the easiest crafting components to obtain from the list above is Essence of Wraith and Light Essence.

Essence of Wraith

This material drops from common Wraiths and Penitent. While Penitent is quite rare to find, you can locate Wraiths in almost every stage of the game. This makes them an excellent source to farm Essence of Wraith for Monster Essence Witcher 3. So, throwback a potion, infuse your blade with Specter Oil, switch your sign to Yrden, and get to hunting!

Wraiths are common in the game.

Light Essence

Light Essence drops from Noonwraith and The White Lady. Noonwraith is easier to defeat since its quest is right in White Orchard. Fighting the Noonwraith proves to be easy. Cast Yrden sign often to make it vulnerable.

Remember to cast your Yrden signs.

How to Dismantle Items in The Witcher 3?

Dismantling is the best place to get Monster Essence Witcher 3. To be more exact, it's the only place you will ever find some. Dismantle allows you to turn unneeded equipment into various resources you can then use, either to sell to merchants or for crafting other items. So, how do you dismantle an item in "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?"

Of Swords And Dumplings
The mastery of the Blacksmiths doesn't have anything to do with dismantling.

The first step to dismantling any items is to locate an Armorer or a Blacksmith. Only they can help you dismantle items in the game. There is always a pair of them in every region of the Four Kingdom, sometimes even more. But they do have to eat, too. So expect to be paying a little fee for their services!

Once you locate an Armorer or a Blacksmith, here's how to dismantle an item:

  • #1 Trigger a conversation with the Armorer or the Blacksmith by pressing E.
  • #2 Ask them to show you their inventory or craft you an item. Either way works. You just need to open the Blacksmith menu.
  • #3 Click the arrows on the top to cycle through the menu until you reach "Dismantle".
  • #4 Here you will see all the items that can be dismantled in your inventory.
  • #5 Choose the item you want to break down. Hit "E" to pay and dismantle it.
Witcher 3 Geralt Draw
Happy hunting!

That's everything you need to know about Monster Essence Witcher 3We hope you have found the information you need to locate this component in the game. For more useful guides and articles, visit our website at

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