Kids appears to be quite similar to an arty, playful and knockabout thing, or some may think of it as a physics toy. There you can find some cartoon crowds and even a black hole, a cartoon one.To see what is going to happen, just run your finger or hover the cursor over these stuff which you can see on the screen.

However, considering Kids to be "cartoon" or a kind physics toy is technically not very accurate. It is among the most intriguing horror games there are in the gaming history. You won’t be wandering inside spooky hospitals and old mansions just to get yourself jumpscared by some creepy creatures. Kids is more about crowds, complicity as well as bad decisions. We also go through how to create consensus.

We can’t say it’s a toy since its scenarios are made for us to solve. In one of the very first scenarios, you will find a lot of people gathering around a massive hole on the ground.

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After fiddling around for awhile, they will all jump  into the hole.

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Then, in the next scenario, there will, of course, be a lot of bodies falling down the hole. You can slow them down by touching them. Once they have filled up the screen, you just need to run a hand over them to trigger a sort of volumetric wave of applause.

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Run your hand over them so as to make them scarper. You can even change their mind after pointing in the direction which they suppose everyone should take. You can also give in and do the whole thing all over again, making subtle variation but still get the same result.

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Kids is not actually really subtle, but the game doesn't need to be. It focuses on the major obvious things people usually ignore, making everyone lean on one another, wittingly or not, so they can ignore those thing together. Kids is also about cowardice and bullying, about going along with the community, even if that can lead you to a giant black hole. It seems cute at the beginning, but it can make you feel absolutely grim later on.