From a distant galaxy, the world of Killsquad is in great chaos. Civilizations are gone, wastelands stretch where living planets once thrive. Now, these lands are full of horrible monsters and bloodthirsty aliens, wandering around in search for preys.

On the human side, only a couple of mega-corporations survived and their only focus is to get rich quickly. Among them, appears the Killsquad. As a bounty hunter in the group of four, your job is to ransack these deadly planets for your clients, warding off the monsters out there.

Novarama Killsquad
From developer Novarama, introducing Killsquad.

About Novarama and Unreal

Killsquad is developed by Novarama, who wants its action RPG title to be somewhere between triple-A and indie. Producer Ricardo Seligmann is very confident about creating an amazing gaming experience in the title. According to him, the toolset at Unreal Engine is the key to help them achieve such blockbuster threshold.

Let's take a closer look at the game through the video below.

Having been in the Early Access for a while, Novarama has collected numerous feedbacks and reviews in addition to the trailers. Apparently, the team have achieved the smooth and pacey action level that satisfy their audience. From the trailer, we can see energy erupts with characters dashing around, enemies unleashing missiles and monsters taking the main screen.

Visually, Killsquad kills it!

Indeed, Novarama’s art team has done an excellent job creating stunning and explosive combat in Killsquad, the details stay crisp. Every particle, material, animation, level creation and lighting systems look sick and colorful action. At the same time, combat looks awesome, fun and bombastic.

Novarama Killsquad
The stunning artwork and visuals of Killsquad.

Skills system/Skill trees

The team at Novarama mastered in RPGs, giving their characters unique classes as well as comprehensive skill trees. As stated by Seligmann, Killsquad is more like an action title with RPG elements, rather than a pure RPG title. Gameplay sessions are much shorter and the rewards are way better.

Regarding the skills system, Killsquad allows players to modify character skills right during the game, purely MOBA style. On the other side, the weapon upgrade system lets players unlock skill, active and passive ones to use in-game.”

Contract system

The contract system in the game is what Seligmann puts heavy emphasis on. This unique community-driven mechanic enables squad missions from around the world. Feel free to team up with your friends or another existing group that needs help. For example, a player himself can publish a contract, automatically inviting others to try it out. Because of that, Killsquad creates an in-game community itself with bounty hunters hungry for new contracts.

Unreal's work

Talking about Unreal, Novarama is utilizing everything they can to make Killsquad perfect. The tools, the systems and the Unreal editors are doing their best to create a unique gaming experience. In fact, Unreal is helping Novarama to make procedurally-produced environments, online contracts system, enemies’ encyclopedia, character modifications as well as skill trees.

Creating a stunning Killsquad with Unreal.

In fact, Novarama has done even more to create chaos. Throughout the game, expect sudden environmental dangers that would not tolerate any side of the battle. Yes, a sudden shower of meteor or a dense minefield can totally harm anyone it encounters. Therefore, the way you handle such occasions can make or break your contract. Well, that’s why you have your team to overcome it together, isn’t it?

In summary

At the moment, Killsquad is on Steam’s Early Access. In the future, Novarama is planning to release more planets, more heroes and enemies to further develop the game.

Currently, we’re still waiting for an exact release date from Novarama. However, with the positive and constructive feedbacks they received, we believe the company is making the best version of Killsquad to make its appearance. Once the polishing work is complete, we should expect Killsquad to come online and ready for worldwide release.