At E3 2018, there was an announcement by Microsoft saying that the company arranged with four independent studios to start its first-party development. Ninja Theory, the studio who developed Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and DmC: Devil May Cry, was one of the studios mentioned. From that point, there haven't any more news about the title that they were working on. However, according to a Friday morning leak, players are about to know what the upcoming title by the studio is: Bleeding Edge - a 4v4 online multiplayer action game.

Bleeding Edge Gameplay Reveal Trailer E3 2019 0 43
Bleed Edge bears some resemblance to Devil May Cry

Bleeding Edge Gameplay Reveal Trailer E3 2019 0 41
Bleeding Edge is a 4vs4 online game

Bleeding Edge Gameplay Reveal Trailer E3 2019 0 56
The first online game of Ninja Theory

Bleeding Edge Gameplay Reveal Trailer E3 2019 0 12
The game features many unique characters and different weapons

The news was actually posted on Twitter by user @Nibellion. It seems to be a captured video of a pre-show cut with the mark "confidential". This video features a quick look at the gameplay and a brief introduction of some major characters such as Daemon and Buttercup, which gives the audience an obvious vibe of DmC. However, this is quite understandable because Rahni Tucker, the combat director of DmC, was announced to work on this project.

Bleeding Edge Gameplay Reveal Trailer E3 2019 0 8
The game features a 4vs4 combat system

The game has a similar action style with DmC.

If the rumors and leaks are true, Bleeding Edge would be a new start for Ninja Theory - the studio that has been known for only developing single-player titles so far. With the little information we got, it does seem like the studio will be able to maintain its compelling and brassy action style like what it has done in previous titles. Players could totally expect an enjoyable experience for this upcoming online battle.

In the video, a technical alpha is reported to release on June 27. But it seems we need to wait for its official announcement at E3 to be sure about this schedule.

On the other hand, Microsoft still keeps silent on this matter.