Looks like Epic Games Store is not going to be stingy with its weekly freebies – Kingdom Come Deliverance, one of 2018’s best title, is going to be available for everyone to add to their library permanently this week, from Feb 13 to Feb 20.

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Horse based combat would also be a big part of this game as well

KC: Deliverance is an action RPG game developed by Warhorse Studios for both consoles and PC in 2018. The setting of the game was the medieval period in the Kingdom of Bohemia. The game prided itself on delivering the most historically accurate experience possible, from language, storyline to assets. The story begins in the year 1403, during a war in the region. After a raid by the order of Sigismund, the Hungarian King, the protagonist Henry’s family, along with his entire village, was destroyed. Filled with vengeance, Henry enlists into a resistance movement against the invasion and eventually involved in a plot to restore Bohemia’s rightful king to the throne.

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Engage in massive battles

Story design-wise, the game has a huge open-world map with branching questlines which were meticulously crafted to ensure the most immersive gameplay experience possible. All the weapons, combat techniques, clothing, architecture are brought to life with assistance from history experts and architects.

The combat system prioritize realism, which is much different than the usual RPG

The title received a positive reception from both gamers and critics – it has even won a few Game of the Year awards. People mostly praised its story, realism in combat and attention to details, while most criticisms were about the technical bugs that Deliverance has at release. Those issues were eventually patched out, however – the current version of Deliverance is probably the best experience that one could have playing the game.

The skills and equipment systems are pretty complicated

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