12 years have passed since KH2 was launched but the memories still stay strong in our minds. Now, after having waited for so long, we will have another chance to play a new mainline of this series, Kingdom Hearts 3.

Kingdom Hearts 2
The good ol' memories are coming back soon.

5 years ago, Square Enix, the series developer officially announced the launching of Kingdom Hearts 3. However, after the announcement, the firm has always been secretive. At 2 next E3 conventions, only some interesting information, a teaser trailer along with a trailer of gameplay were revealed.

Now, at this year's E3, the most vital and biggest information was finally revealed, featuring a lot of Disney's famous characters, from Goofy, Donald to Woody and many more. The release date was also announced.

Read more to find out everything you need to know until now about this 2019's blockbuster.

Release date:

The game should be released on 29/1/2019

Available platforms:

Xbox One and PS4

Watch the trailers:

We can find plenty of trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 out there. However, the latest one we can see came from TGS, featuring the appearance of Big Hero 6 characters.

3 other trailers came from E3, showing Jack Sparrow, Wreck-it-Ralph and even Elsa from Frozen.
Another trailer from D23 Expo Japan 2018 featured Monster Inc characters, including Sully, Mike, and Boo.
Even Toy Story characters will also appear in the game. It is shown in another trailer from D23 Expo 2017.
And we can also see Goofy, Donald, and Sora helping Hercules in fierce battles on Mount Olympus.

Features and details

Come back to Hercules characters

Just a couple of days ago, Twitter account YonkouProductions has uploaded a picture of a V Jump magazine's issue in which we can see several characters from Disney's Hercules. There are Hades, Zeus, and even Meg. So it is pretty sure that the trio Goofy, Donald and Sora will help Hercules in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom hearts 3 hercules
The picture uploaded by YonkouProductions


From what we have known, players will have a chance to play as Sora, along with his best buddies Goofy and Donald and discover every corner of the vast worlds, which are full of famous Final Fantasy and Disney characters.

Tetsuya Nomura, the game's director also told that the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 will happen right after the events in Kingdom Hearts 3D. You will keep joining the trio's adventure as they pursue The Seven Lights while Riku and Mickey will also be in search of the other Keyblade masters.

Kingdom hearts 3
Players will join the adventure with Sora, Goofy, and Donald

If the story sounds complicated to you, you can choose to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix along with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 to have an overview of the events.


Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the developers will make a big change on the game's graphics. Specifically, they desired to shape a 3D world out of Disney's 2D materials. According to Nomura, this is considered an "evolution".

At the time of the first version, the developers had had the ambition to accomplish this, however, the technological issues didn't let them do it, as PS2's processing power was not strong enough. However, everything has changed with the powerful system of PS4 and now they are able to make fascinating visual effects.

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 will perform well on PS4


Apparently, Kingdom Hearts 3 won't have too many changes compared to various successful entries of the franchise. The action, RPG-style will stay the same, enhancing the advantages of previous games to make it even better.

According to Nomura, the battles will be fiercer, the enemy's AI will also be improved and become more sophisticated.

Fighting abilities and battle features will have a lot of changes too. Sora will be a lot more agile, able to perform many impressive moves and take advantages of environmental elements.

At least 2 new features will be added to the combat system, they are Keyblade Transformation and Attraction Flow.

Keyblade Transformation is genuinely interesting and will enable Sora's Keyblade to change swiftly while fighting with various impacts and forms.

As per Nomura, Keyblade Changes might be opened when all missions from a single world are fully opened, with every world giving its very own remarkable transformation.

For instance, an Olympus Keyblade could unleash Zeus' lightning or change into a chariot.

sora zeus lightning kingdom hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature various new fighting abilities

Attraction Flow will feature great moves which will clearly be activated under certain however unsubstantiated fight circumstances. These intense moves are developed based on the Flowmotion moves from the previous version and are motivated by a portion of the greatest rides at the Disney Amusement Parks, for example, the Privateer Ships and Teacups.

New Worlds

Disney's been occupied for quite some time since KH2 was first launched so as you'd expect, there will be a couple of new worlds to walk around.

Up to this point the Kingdom of Corona, Mount Olympus, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Toy Story, Twilight Town Mysterious Tower, Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters Inc. universes have been affirmed as new increments.

In an ongoing meeting, Nomura decreased the energy of a fresh out of the plastic new Toy Story world marginally by uncovering that there might be fewer Disney elements in this entry than in KH2.

kingdom hearts 3 olympus
Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3

KH2 featured 12 worlds altogether and up to this point, we have 7 worlds affirmed for this new entry. With Nomura expressing that the majority of the worlds in the version will be uncovered before its launch, we can anticipate that a couple of more will be uncovered throughout the following year. What number of these will be totally new worlds and what number will be recreated from past recreations is vague?

In any event, Nomura has guaranteed that despite the fact that there will be fewer worlds, they'll substantially contain more. We need to concede, not every world is our favorite one so we'll cheerfully accept it.

Another playable character?

A report recently proposes that Kingdom Hearts 3 may have Riku be playable along with Sora.

kingdom hearts 3 riku
Will Riku be playable in Kingdom Hearts 3?

These aren't anything that has been affirmed by the firm about the title yet, so players are staying them entirely in the gossip class until further notice. It could possibly because there are confusions with the also named Kingdom 3D. This version let players play as Riku and in addition a Fantasia-themed world.

It might be, in any case, that the data is exact. Nomura implied that the crew was thinking about adding one more. playable character into the game. He simply didn't express that it can be Riku.