Just recently, Riot Games has issued an official statement regarding the price for buying items through Riot Points (RP) in their game League of Legends (LoL). Specifically, the price for RP will be raised in some regions, and the changes will be different across regions. These changes will be officially applied on March 5th.

1540462356 League Of Legends Riot Points
LoL in-game Riot Points

This RP price increase in LoL is issued due to tax laws, currency shifts, and inflation across regions. That is why the price increase is not the same among regions. In the USA and in EU, the price changes are even different from each states/country in the region: in the USA the price will be raised by 8-10% depending on each state; in EU the price will be raised by 9-15% depending on each country. The other regions that will also witness the price adjustments are list as below, with the price increase in that region:

- The UK: 9%
- Euro Zones: 15%
- Poland: 11%
- Romania: 11%
- Hungary: 11%
- Switzerland: 10%
- Czech Republic: 11%
- Korea: 15%
- Australia: 10%
- New Zealand: 15%
- Mexico: 12%
- Chile: 10%
- Peru: 10%
- Turkey: 20%
- Brazil: 7%
- Uruguay: 40% - this country experiences the highest price raise due to this country’s new taxes and inflation.

There hasn’t been any official statement from Riot Games regarding the purchase for items by Blue Essence (another LoL in-game currency that players can gain just by playing the game). Also, Riot Games will give players extra bonus RP whenever they buy this game’s currency from now until March 5 to help players accommodate for the upcoming price raise.

Maxresdefault 1
LoL in-game Blue Essence

Additionally, in this official statement by Riot Games, Riot Games give players another support regarding the refund policies of LoL. The old policy is that one LoL account will be given three refund tokens to use and there will be no more free refund token from Riot Games for gamers. If you do not hold any refund tokens, there is no way for you to refund your items.

The way refund tokens work in LoL