What will happen when the only hero dies in the progress of fighting the evil? You're the one to save the world even when you're ready or not! Lenna's Inception is where you will rise as the reluctant savior fighting the glitch that is consuming the whole world, and it's starting from tomorrow.

Lenna's Inception is the Zelda-like action-adventure game from the indie developer Bytten Studio. It was previously supposed to reach the public through the hands of the publisher Chucklefish, but somehow this relationship was broken, and Bytten Studio will self-publish their title.

You can see its trailer down here before wishlisting the game to see how far this game has gone from the original Zelda's experiences:

The story of Lenna's Inception

Lenna's Inception takes you to a fantasy world, where you'll step into the roles of Lenna - a hidden tutor of the world's true hero. It has always been relying on the hero to save this land from every danger, and you're enjoying living under his shadow while doing the backstage works. However, that dream doesn't last long, as you will have to face the danger yourself really soon.

Lenna's Inception Pc Launch 6
You'll become Lenna, the tutor of the hero

To be more specific, the evil Chairman of the Banker has abducted the Prince and used him to open the portal leading the Archangels to the land. They are the hordes of hostile glitches that will consume everything they touch and then will end up destroying the whole world.

The hero - once again - has to rise. But it seems that the situation is not too favorable for him, as he has failed and got devastated by the powerful glitches, leaving the world exposed to the dangerous threat. As his one and only tutor, Lenna has to take what her students has dropped, protecting the world by defeating the eight Archangels, saving the Prince and recovering the kingdom's peace.

Lenna's Inception Pc Launch 6
The hero is still too young for the case

At least you have a dead elder leading her way through this chaos, so it won't be that bad!

Gameplay features

As I have mentioned, Lenna's Inception is an action-adventure game with heavy Zelda inspiration. You can feel it through the trailer following Lenna's battles with normal monsters and the bosses, but in fact, it actually packs something unfamiliar to the franchise.

In detail, you still have your trusty sword and the skills that you've learned from the previous hero. Exploring the vast island and heading down to the dungeon, you will use it to chop down trees(?) and the slime monsters. Of course, you will pick up more items through your journey, and you can choose either to keep them or throwing them at the enemies for damages.

Lenna's Inception Pc Launch 6
The game supports two visual styles

And if you enjoy Zelda gameplay but hates its cranky graphics, Lenna's Inception allows you to change from the 8-bit visuals to the much sharper 32-bit art styles - which is still pixelated but looks much more modernized. With this graphic modes, you can enjoy the design of the game much better, especially through the looks of the most unexpected bosses you can find in a video game.

Lenna's Inception Pc Launch 6
Featuring the weirdest creatures as the Archangels

Speaking about bosses, the eight Archangels that you'll have to fight are the mere pieces of phenomenal imagination. You have an octopus, a cat, a machine-equipped skull and many more. And there is also a Shadow Lenna - the inverse version of you who will constantly fight against you on the journey. However, if you choose to play multiplayer (only support local plays), Shadow Lenna will temporarily ceasefire and become your comrade.

Lenna's Inception Pc Launch 6
Lenna's Inception has several different endings

Release date

Lenna's Inception is coming out for PC tomorrow. You can enjoy it on either Steam or Itch.io.