Coming from the same developer as the popular Peace, Death!, Draw Chilly is a quirky 2D action game initially launched for PC last November to a pretty warm reception. Now, the game has made its way over to the mobile platform. Check out its trailer below:

Set in Purgatory, Draw Chilly follows the story of a guy named Vladimir, a servant of the Horsemen of Apocalypse – though they are portrayed to be a lot nicer than you’d expect. His mission here is to find individuals who have been sent to limbo rather than Hell by mistake and then bring them back where they are supposed to be.

There are 10 characters to find in total, and they'll function as bosses throughout the game. Naturally, before you get to meet them, you’ll have to fight your way through their minions first. Thankfully, Vladimir does have his own army to help him out. From there you’ll battle across the game’s various stages – all of which is part of a massive elevator – and unlock additional abilities as you progress.

Draw Chilly
Batte enemies on a massive elevator

This elevator is actually your city too, and so you will be able to upgrade it as you progress through Purgatory. You might come across several chickens here and there, and collecting them will unlock new members for your squad as well as other NPC assistants. Additionally, it’ll also grant Vladimir new skills to overcome his enemies in new ways. For instance, there’s a massive pink worm capable of reducing enemies’ speed, leaving them vulnerable and helpless.

Draw Chilly Ios Android Gameplay
Unlock new abilities as you go

Draw Chilly is currently available right now for both Google Play and the App Store. This is a premium app priced at £1.59 (Rs 150) for Android and £0.79 (Rs 75) for iOS. Needless to say, that means there will be no ads or IAPs included.