Indie games have never let us down with their endless creativity, and Ultimate Reality is definitely a good model. It's a normal Metroidvania game with pixelated graphics, but the special thing about this game is that you choose from 5 different suits, each provides a different fighting style - just like Iron Man!

Ultimate Reality is completely free to download on Indiexpo - the heaven of free indie games. You can look at the demo trailer of the game below before deciding to download it, but seeing the impressive fighting mechanics of the game, it's totally worth your try:

The concept of Ultimate Reality

Ultimate Reality takes you into the role of a young genius namely Drake Smith - the one that has created a device allowing him to travel through multiple dimensions just by the inspiration from the multiverse theory. On his wandering journey, Drake was aware that someone is carrying a wicked plan of destroying every existing dimension.

Ultimate Reality Free Download 3
Here is you - Drake Smith

Now, the young vigilante will have to put on his suit and goes around the Multiverse to find the mysterious evil, and stop him before he destroying the entire reality.

Gameplay features

Basically, Ultimate Reality is an action-platformer, where you will take control of Drake Smith jumping back and forth in dimensions to fight against the evil crime of devastating the whole reality. The developer confirmed that this game will be heavy choice-driven, where your actions in a dimension will affect the fate of the others.

But first things first, let's talk about the combat. In this game, you'll fight against hordes of enemies to get to the bosses of all dimensions. Besides your punches and kicks, your suits are the main source of your power, where you can choose which to put on.

Ultimate Reality Free Download 1
Suit up to fight against hordes of enemies

Each of them will give you a different playstyle - from a heavy striker to a rapid bunny dodging and striking in perfect tandem. The control is quite simple with some special moves like an aerial attack or a dash, but in return, it's very responsive, allowing you to combine your attacks to finish your enemies.

Ultimate Reality Free Download 4
Sliding and attacking consume your energy bar

The game also features some puzzles that you'll have to solve to find the hidden figure behind this evil plot. There are 5 different maps equivalent to five different dimensions, 10 unlockable abilities for every dimension, as well as some items you can use to enhance your power as well.

Ultimate Reality Free Download 2
Explore the 5 different maps for items and secrets

You can find Ultimate Reality on Indiexpo, and grab the game for free. If you love it or have some feedback, don't hesitate to comment on the same thread to let the dev know. Enjoy!