Evolutis is an indie 2D action-adventure game that is inspired by the visuals style of 80's anime. Made by Poke Life Studio, Evolutis is expected to be released next year by PM Studios instead of being a crowd-funded project initially. You can check out the trailer of Evolutis below.

During the gorgeous Alpha gameplay video of the game last year, we can tell that the game is set in Neo Hong Kong. You will be playing as 3 characters Damon Watts, Erick Warren, and Chelsea Williams and witness as their story unfold and connect together.

Evolutis Teaser Trailer 0 7 Screenshot 8c4c_wm
Each character will have their own unique abilities and moves

Damon Watts is a middle-aged man who is trying to look for his pregnant wife, who is assumed to be dead. Erick Warren is a drug addict who is trying to revenge the people who killed his cousin. Chelsea Williams is a female wrestler who is trying to make as much money as possible to keep her foster father alive.

Evolutis Teaser Trailer 0 5 Screenshot 1ab5_wm
Damon Watts is a middle-aged man who is trying to look for his pregnant wife

While discovering the city as these characters, players will engage in hand-to-hand battles, gunfights, and car chases. You can deal with gangsters in the town face-to-face, or just chill out at a bar and stay alive. Each character will have their own set of unique abilities to survive the city.

We still don't know anything about how the control in the game works or how players fight in combats. I hope that they will be just as good as the graphics we see in its trailer.

Evolutis Teaser Trailer Alpha Gameplay 0 56 Screen 2fcd_wm
The game is set in Neo Hong Kong, a city that is never sleep

Evolutis is currently under development and will be coming to PC (Steam), PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One in 2020. We will update more information about the game as soon as possible.