Hideo Kojima's award-winning masterpiece Death Stranding had a wonderful 2019 even though it has made its appearance quite late. To be more specific, Death Stranding officially released for PS4 in November 2019 and stayed only for Sony's console since then.

That's also the only drawback of this action-platforming game, or else, it would certainly win more at the 20th annual Game Developers Choice Awards. However, that drawback will stay no more, as Kojima Production has announced that Death Stranding is finally coming to PC!

With the boost on the power of the platform, this PC launch of Death Stranding will contain several graphical tweaks. At the same time, there are many other things that go with this release as well, as you can find out the Half-Life crossover from the announcement trailer. You can see it below:

Briefly on Death Stranding

If you haven't heard about the concept of Death Stranding (it's weird if you haven't), then here's Gurugamer's quick summary on what you can experience with the first project from Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions after they parted from Konami:

Death Stranding is an action-platformer game with the futuristic settings of Earth (the United States, to be exact). The world has suffered from a massive unknown disaster called "Death Stranding", which has brought to lives the invisible creatures known as the "Beached Things" (BTs). They emit explosions and 'Timefall' rains that deteriorate and destroy everything it lands on, which caused devastating damage to the country and driving its population to move to other safe places formed by the corporation namely "Bridges".

Death Stranding Pc Launch Denuvo 2
Death Stranding for PC will support high frame-rate at 4k resolution

In this game, you'll take control of the main protagonist - Sam Bridges, the shipper aka 'courier' working for a corporation Bridges -  on your duty to reach the inaccessible remote parts of the world to provide supply to the people in the remote areas. With a Bridge Baby in the pod on his back, Sam can feel the presence of the BTs, and here goes his journey on the line of the disrupted world between life and death.

Death Stranding Pc Launch Denuvo 5
The Bridge Baby (BB) allows the connector to naturally feel the existence of the BTs

Gameplay-wise, Death Stranding is an action game that allows you to freely explore the futuristic open world. Your task is to bring supplies to the abandoned cities called KNOTs, using the modern technical devices that are upgradable in the progress. This will allow you to carry more weight, as well as helping Sam's exploring the world much better.

Death Stranding Pc Launch Denuvo 3
The new photo mode will allow you to capture your moments more easily

You'll also have to fight with several threats, both from the natural stuff like timefall rains or the BTs and from the bandits trying to steal the deliveries from you as well. Normally, Sam will not be able to die, since he's a repatriate whose souls will get to the underwater world and can return to his body to revive him. However, if your death is caused by the BTs, it will cause a huge explosion that will destroy the location forever.

Death Stranding Pc Launch Denuvo 7
Even though Sam can't die, you should be careful with the encounters

What are new in the PC release?

With the help of the more powerful platforms, the PC version of Death Stranding will support some additional graphical settings. They include widescreen support with up to 4K resolution and high frame-rate. Apart from that, there will be also a Photo Mode to help you with capturing your moment in this cyberpunk world, which is showcased hilariously in the trailer with Half-Life crossovers.

Death Stranding Pc Launch Denuvo 1
Death Stranding X Half-Life

However, the bad news is that505 Games will use Denuvo anti-tampering mechanic to protect the game. While it surely prevents cracks and patches coming with the game, it obstructed the game's performance by making your CPU and SSD running at high load in the progress.

Death Stranding Pc Launch Denuvo 6
Denuvo will make the game less smooth

Everything aside, Death Stranding will officially launch for PC on June 2. It will be available on both Steam and Epic Games Store at the same time, so you can choose whatever storefronts that are convenient for you.