Team17 announces their collaboration with the Malaysian developer One More Dream Studios to publish Ageless, an upcoming puzzle-platformer game. You will be going on a journey to explore the world and find yourself. You can check out the trailer of Ageless below.

You will be playing as a young woman called Kiara. She finds out about a bow that has the power of controling the age of beings that got shot by it. This will be your main ability to solve puzzles throughout your journey and progress. Use your bow to shoot at animals and plants to make them grow older to become younger.

Ageless Partnership Trailer 0 41 Screenshot
Obtain an ancient power that will allow you to control the age of animals and plants

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The game features a brand new mechanic

However, this power does not come for free and you will have to face your dark side of you on your journey.

One More Dream Studios have been developing Ageless for years with all their passion. They are really happy to work with Team 17 as Team 17 has been supporting many indie titles for many years.

Ageless Partnership Trailer 1 7 Screenshot
Fighting giant bosses using your power

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Key features

  • A brand new mechanic of controling the age of creatures through their life circle to solve puzzles on your way.
  • Each area in the game has its own ecosystem with different kinds of animals and plants for you to utilize.
  •  There are a lot of hidden areas and secrets on your journey that can only be accessed by your power.
  • The visuals are hand-drawn with a beautiful pixel art style that will remind you of games such as Celes.

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Change the age of animals

Ageless is going to be available for PC and Nintendo Switch. The release date of it is yet to be revealed.

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