The newest entry in the Pokemon Franchise, Sword & Shield, was released in late 2019 and has been very decently received. Overall, the highlight of the Pokemon series’ arrival to the Switch was the new 3D graphics, due to the greater performance capability of the console. This, however, alienated a number of fans who prefer the classic style of Pokemon games with 2D graphics. Because of that, quite a few indie game developers have been trying to fill in the gap.

Pokemon Like Coromon Trailer Demo
Various menus and gameplay elements

Coromon is a new Pokemon-style game that was announced for PC and Android, which seeks to mimic the classic style of Pokemon titles. While there is no outright copying, you can still recognize it as a retro Pokemon game, even with its unique roster of monsters.

The trailer shows exactly how close to the original Coromon is, with the protagonist exploring a unique region contains multiple biomes. Each biome would have its own roster of monsters that you can capture, from grassy woodlands to snowy caves and arid deserts. Some parts of the battle sequences are also showcased, with various creature names like Dugterra, Lunarpup and Nibblegar showed.

Detailed pixel environments

Other easily identified aspects are the method you use to catch the monsters and the battle music. Overall, based on its steam page, the game is scheduled for a 2020 release, on both PC and Android. To those who are interested in the game, there is a demo that can be acquired on the game’s official website.

A classic fight between "not Pokemons"

This is just one of the various titles that are trying to take advantage of Pokemon’s modern popularity. Other titles include Monster Crown, another original Pokemon mimic, and Temtem, a Pokemon MMO. They are definitely worth a try if you are a fan of the franchise and how Pokemon games are played.

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