Shing! is a 2.5D action platformer game created by Mass Creation developer. The game will throw you back to the era of arcade beat 'em up gaming with fast crazy actions and an enormous number of enemies as Yokai hunters. You can check out the trailer of Shing! below.

Like a typical beat 'em up game, you will be facing hordes of enemies continuously and get the pleasure to slice them down with cool stylish moves.

Shing Beta Tests Trailer 0 7 Screenshot
Your mission is to recover the Starseed to the right place

As mythical beasts went on a rampage, the world turns into chaos and the legendary  Starseed has lost. Our heroes will be the ones to retrieve it and bring it back to the right place. Players will get to travel through the world, across different environments such as towns, cities with vibrant neon light, toxic swamps with a thick mist, ancient civilizations, ruins covered with ash and many other unique locations.

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Slice demons in different unique settings

You can go on this adventure alone or go with up to 3 other friends local or online to slay endless hordes of demons and fearsome bosses.

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Fight against fearsome bosses at the end of each level

The closed beta of Shing! is now available on Steam. Players will get to experience the first 2 levels of the game with 2 bosses, a local co-op feature, and a tutorial. You can a chance to test out the closed beta by joining Shing! discord. If you are lucky, you will get a Steam key for yourself to test the game now and another Steam key for your friend when the game launches.  If you are not chosen, you will still get a 50% discount for the game at launch.

Shing! is expected to be launched on Steam in Q2 2019.