Daemon X Machina was part of a timed exclusive deal with the Nintendo Switch last year, and now, the period of exclusivity is about to end. The anime-style mech combat title is going to be ported to PC – its release date on Steam is confirmed to be February 14.

The game was developed by Marvelous Inc, the studio behind various anime titles such as God Eater 3, Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, and more. Furthermore, the designs of the mechs were from Kenichiro Tsukuda of Armored Core fame, with additional inputs from Shoji Kawamori from Super Dimension Fortress Macross. The base gameplay is rather simple: you pilot your mech and use it to destroy other mechs.

Switch your weapons on the go when fighting against different enemies

The events of the game happen in the far future, in which mankind is on the brink of destruction. Step into the shoes of an “Outer” pilot, your job is to be at the frontline, fighting against the rogue AI “Immortals” to safeguard humanity’s future. Your mech, the “Arsenal”, is fully customizable – and in order to beat the enemies, you would have to take advantage of that function as much as you can. Switch in and out weapons and parts, upgrade and modify them on the fly to face the ever-changing enemy threats.

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There are sections of non-mech gameplay as well

The player avatar is also a part of the game as well, as there would be scenarios in which you would have to eject from your mech and fight on foot using various weapons and abilities. About game modes, Daemon X Machina includes several coop modes in which you would team up with up to two other players to fight gigantic bosses, along with 1v1 and 2v2 versus maps. When the game was released on the Switch last year, the overall reactions were rather mixed. However, it is expected that the game would be able to run way better with the additional power of the PC system.

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