Maybe fans of Persona 5: The Royal in other countries outside of Japan still have to wait for its release for many months. However, this does not mean that its upcoming release is not exciting.

Persona 5 The Royal 1
Persona 5: The Royal is one of the best JRPG released in the last 5 years

Even you do not know Japanese; you can still enjoy the stylish media that Atlus has been publishing since the reveal of the game. And this new opening movie of the title is not an exception.

After Persona 5 Royal is finally launched in other countries over the globe, its fans will have a lot of brand-new content, allowing them to sink into this role-playing video game.

Persona 5 The Royal 2
The game is from Atlus - a video game developer, publisher, and distribution company from Japan.

Kasumi Yoshizawa and other students from Shujin Academy are together participating in the Phantom Thieves. Plus, they also explore new areas, try new activities, and fight with new Personas. 

Persona 5: The Royal is an enhanced port of Persona 5. In which, Kasumi Yoshizawa, Takuto Maruki, and José are new characters in the game. This title is looking as beautiful and fantastic as we would expect. The game will come with events, which did not come in the original, happen in the third school term. These events are strange and quite contradictory.

Persona 5 The Royal 3
The game is set in Shujin Academy.

Atlus will release Persona 5: The Royal exclusively on PlayStation 4 in Japan on 31st October 2019. And the game will be some time out in other countries in Spring 2020 (released in the Spring in the West). If you are unfamiliar with Persona 5, you should learn more about the review on this game to understand clearly about it.

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Now, let's watch the official opening cinematic trailer of Persona 5: The Royal to get more screens and details about the game!