Atomic Wolf is a masterful developer at making narrative games with monotonous graphics and dark stories. Recently, we've announced you about Interrogation - a detective game that takes the historical settings of World War II, and not very long after that, they're giving birth to their latest brainchild: Liberated.

Liberated is an award-winning side-scroller with beautiful comic-style artworks and gameplay. Atomic Wolf wants to push his elements to its limit with Liberated, making every time you cross to a new area feels like a time you turn the page of a comic book.

Below is the trailer for the game at Nintendo Indie World Showcase, but Liberated will come out for PC as well. Let's enjoy the grim atmosphere of the game:

The story of Liberated

Unlike the last title from Atomic Wolf, Liberated follows the concept of a futuristic cyberpunk world, where this noir dystopia is seeing its inhabitants supervised and controlled by a nefarious government. The advance in technology grants them the ability to put their citizens under its regime and forcing them to do whatever they want.

Liberated Pc Switch Reveal 3
The government is in total control of the people thanks to modern technology

As a result, there born a group of people can't stand this oppression - as they united to create the opposing line called the "Liberated". Together, they'll try to break away from the chain of the government and fight against their modern technology to turn them over with their rising revolution.

Liberated Pc Switch Reveal 6
The oppressed one created the "Liberated" to turn over the government

Gameplay features

According to the publisher L.INC, Liberated is a noir action-adventure game, where you'll control a masked member from the Liberated, embarks on an adventure in the grim city to pull off heists that the Revolution given to him/her. The game is a real page-turner, where what happens in your journey will be portrayed as a story in a comic book.

Liberated Pc Switch Reveal 1
The game tells the story in the style of a comic book

To be more specific, the world of Liberated is portrayed via hand-drawn graphics with a monotonous tone, showcasing your action in the cyberpunk world. You'll follow the commands from the revolution, and take part in a lot of deadly battles. They range from gunfights, platforming with several puzzles and stealth actions as well.

Liberated Pc Switch Reveal 4
Do what you were ordered from the revolution

There are many types of things you can do in this game, and it's even better that you'll never know when to do what. Instead, Liberated will lead your journey through chapters, and you'll continuously get switched back and forth from cutscenes to actions. Through times, you'll unveil the truth behind both sides of this battle, and find out that the Liberated is not always working for good sake as everyone has thought.

Liberated Pc Switch Reveal 2
You'll unveil the truth through the perspectives of several characters

Release date and supported platforms

Liberated will launch for PC and Nintendo Switch at an unknown date in 2020. PC players can enjoy its DRM-free version on GOG or the normal one via Steam.