Unlike its Online version, GTA 5 does not give players that many options for customizing their character's appearance. However, there are plenty of choices when it comes to outfits.

Some of the best outfits require players to unlock them before using, and the process can be complicated. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of all outfits in GTA 5 story mode and how to unlock them.

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All outfits to unlock in GTA 5 story mode

Special outfits in GTA 5 that players can unlock usually require them to complete a number of missions in certain ways, or select a particular approach. These outfits are not in the in-game stores.

Additionally, some outfits are exclusive to certain characters, such as Michael's slate suit and pants, Trevor's denim jacket and jeans, and Franklin's Ash hoodie and sweatpants...etc. Rockstar is also constantly adding new clothing items and outfits as well, which located in the Special section.

Below is the list of all outfits to unlock in the GTA 5 story mode:

  • Ludendorff - This outfit gets unlocked during the mission called Bury the Hatchet for Michael and Trevor.
  • Moto X- This is a Motocross outfit used in Offroad Races which gets unlocked during Sanchez/Blazer Race. All three main characters can wear this outfit.
  • Prologue - These are the prologue outfit for Trevor and Michael.
  • Security outfit - Unlocked for Trevor and Michael after completing The Big Score.
  • Skydiving - This is a skydiving jumpsuit unlocked by Franklin during Liquidity Risk
  • Highway Patrol outfit - This is the Highway Patrol officers' uniform, which was handed to Michael and Trevor during the mission I Fought the Law... in order for them to disguise themselves as highway patrol cops on Police Bikes.
  • Hunting - This hunting outfit is unlocked for Trevor after the mission Fair Games.
  • Janitor - The janitor outfit gets unlocked for Michael if players have selected the covert approach during the Bureau Raid mission.
  • Stealth - This is a stealthy outfit unlocked for all of the characters after the Bureau Raid. mission, players also need to choose the loud approach
  • Tennis- Unlocked only by Trevor and Michael after they play Tennis
  • Tuxedo - Unlocked by three of the characters during the mission Deep Inside.
  • Golf Clothing - Unlocked after playing golf for the first time with a character, players must play all three protagonists once to unlock this outfit.
  • Epsilon Robes - Epsilon Program members wear these baby blue robes. Michael can purchase it for $25,000 after Bearing the Truth, and a medal is added to the outfit after Exercising the Truth. It can still be kept after the mission, regardless of how it ends.
  • Exterminator - This outfit is unlocked after completing The Jewel Store Job, this is only for Michael and Franklin.
  • Jewel Heist Suit - This suit gets unlocked when players choose the loud approach during the Jewel Store Job.
  • Pink Ladies Sweats - This outfit gets unlocked after finishing the main storyline of the game.
  • Scuba Land - This outfit is unlocked after finishing the storyline and is available for all three characters.
  • Dock Worker - Players will get this outfit for Trevor after finishing Scouting the Port mission.
  • Spec Ops - Unlocked by Michael after the Three's company mission.
  • Triathlon - Unlocked by all of the characters after they take part in a Triathlon

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