If finishing crawling on the ghost vessels in Man of Medan doesn't even ring your horror tingle a little bit, how about the next one in the series? Supermassive Games doesn't want to let their series cool down at all, as they released a teaser for the sequel of Man of Medan right after the launch of the game.

According to the tweet from one creator, Little Hope is the name of The Dark Pictures Anthology's next title. That tweet contains a small teaser, and you can see it below:

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope brings us back to the land.

Lately, we have given you a review of Supermassive's first title in its horror anthology: The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. The game's actually breaking many traditions when it comes to horror storytelling game, with uncommon settings of a ghost ship, the impact of character's feelings and the unique choice-driven mechanics that allow you to choose the characters to sacrifice.

Man Of Medan Review 9
Alex is always my chosen one when it comes to sacrificing

And keeping up with this pace, the developer of Until Dawn has announced the sequel to Man of Medan. Its name is Little Hope, and currently, there's little hope to know about its specific release date. All we've known so far is that this second installment will come out at a vague date in 2020.

The 39-second long trailer doesn't give us many details about its plot, but we can still feel the eerie atmosphere. Escaping from the naval horror in Man of Medan, we will get back to the land in a small town. And of course, a remote town usually has something mysterious.

From the trailer, we can infer that there will be some cultist elements in this series. A girl performing a ritual around the fire with a straw doll on her hand is more than scary. Furthermore, the sound of "Scarborough Fair" sung with an eerie voice in the background even make the town more deadly. Creepy, to be short.

Little Hope Is The Next Installment In The Dark Pi
The creepiness continues from the sea to the land in Little Hope

Then, here comes the twist. You can see a female character - Angela getting hunt by a dark creature. The fast pace of the trailer makes me nearly impossible to tell that creature, and all I can tell is her scream to call for the help of Andrew. However, Andrew can't do anything in such situations but leaving the girl getting dragged down back to the pit.

Little Hope Is The Next Installment In The Dark Pi
Welcome to Little Hope, Andrew!


Supermassive has planned to release a total of eight games in its horror anthology: The Dark Picture. Furthermore, it also announced that each game will come out roughly every six months, maintaining the hype from the players.

However, if other titles are equal or better than the first one - Man of Medal, I highly doubt that the developer won't be able to keep up this pace. You can leave our review a look to see how detailed Man of Medan is, either at gameplay mechanics or story plots.

Man Of Medan Review 6
I don't think the developer can deliver all 8 games in time

Nevertheless, the teaser for Little Hope brings me a feeling that this second installment will be more successful than its predecessor. And if the developer keeps its promise, we won't have to wait long to verify that guess in 2020.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We will update the latest information about the game on Gurugamer, so stay tuned!