Since its release, Lost Ark has consistently surpassed expectations but becoming the second most played game on Steam was a new high. And many players are still itching to have a try at the game.

The love for Lost Ark is understandable, considering the well-developed storyline, elaborate gameplay, and delicate balance between fun and challenging. However, the challenging part of the game has frustrated many enthusiastic players.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Most challenges have a slight twist, and a simple tip is enough to surmount them. Below are some of the best strategies to help you win in Lost Ark. Brace yourself!

1. Focus on One Character at a Time

In Lost Ark, all players have one main character, and a few may have alternate characters. If you want to excel in quests, battles, and activities, you’ll need a fully optimized character with the best abilities and equipment.

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The only way to have an optimized character is by maximizing all collectibles and awards to upgrade one main character. It would be best to use this character in quests and activities, while alternate characters can be used to perform daily activities.

Once your main character levels up to 60, which is maximum, you’ll have the opportunity to level up another alternate character.

2. Focus on The Main Quest to Quickly Level Up

To quickly get to level 60, focus on the main quest and ignore the others. This is the fastest way for a new player to level up. You can complete a few side quests along the way to earn Experience Points, quest rewards, and get collectibles.

When you complete the main quest and level up the main character to level 60, you can use the two Power Pass tokens you’ll be given to level up other alternate characters to level 60 quickly. Once you choose a character and select the “Power Pass” option, the character will go through the Adventures Path, which is the quickest way to level a character to level 60.

3. Consistently Work on Your Strongholds

Once you go beyond level 25, begin working on your stronghold. You can house your characters, craft battle equipment, and formulate potions with a better stronghold. Working on your strongholds takes up more time, but it allows you to upgrade your characters for free.

If you don’t have an interest or patience to work on your strongholds, you can use gold to purchase consumables in the game. If your gold is not enough, you can always buy Lost Ark gold to afford consumables for your characters.

4. Create Extra Bag space by Dismantling or Selling Collectibles and Gear

It’s tempting to hoard all items you collect or receive as rewards. However, this may eat up the space necessary to carry more important collectibles. You also don’t need most of this gear and collectibles since each level unlocks upgrades for equipment.


To save up on space, dismantle the collectibles and gear. You can sell some gear in exchange for gold, but this is not common. You can also sell dismantled base components for silver, and if you’re lucky, you might chance upon unique drops or crafting materials that can be reused on new equipment.

5. Build Rapport with NPCs Offering Better Rewards

Lost Ark has a lot of NPCs you’ll interact with as you progress in the game. However, concentrate on building rapport with NPCs that offer valuable rewards like gold and giant’s hearts. These NPCs include Thirain, Thunder, Beatrice, Nineveh, Sasha, and Ealyn.

You can use these rewards to get Skill Point portions and advance in early game levels.

6. Use Triport for Fast Travel

Besides that it’s boring to board a ship to move across different continents, slow movement costs you a precious commodity in Lost Ark, time. You are better off using Triports, the fastest means to move around Arkesia.

To use a Triport, you have to activate all the Triports you come along in the game. Activating Triports simply involves interacting with the object. You should know that using Triports will cost you some silver, but it’s worth considering the time you’ll save.

Once you’ve activated Triports, you only need to look for a Triport on the map and click on it, and you’ll be instantly transported to another location.

7. Save HP Potion for Endgame

You may collect or receive HP potions and health potions as you’re completing quests, activities, or exploring Arkesia. Both potions can be used to heal your character; however, HP potions are worth more in the higher levels of the game and should be saved for use in the Endgame.

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Further, when you get to the Endgame, you’ll only be allowed to carry HP potions in Dungeons. Unless you want your character to die in Dungeons, save all your HP potions for the higher levels.

8. Create Alternate Characters

Lost Ark allows players to have up to five alternative characters and one main character. You can create all five alternate characters and deploy them to daily activities in your stronghold to earn you more rewards and accessories while your main character focuses on quests.

Alternate characters also allow you to try out each class’s abilities and weaknesses. This way, you can be well informed on your choice for the main character.

9. Save Combat Items for Boss Fights in Endgame

You can always fight off bosses and their minions in the lower levels without breaking a sweat. However, as the game progresses, you’ll discover that the bosses in higher levels take little damage from your attacks and deal you more damage.

Combat items like Destruction Bombs and Dark Grenades deal significant damage to bosses, and some open up the bosses’ vulnerability to your attacks. Therefore, ensure you save them and use them in boss fights when you get to the Endgame.

10. Learn your Enemy’s Attack and Defense Methods

This is best done at lower levels where you can easily fight off enemy hordes. Observe your enemies’ attack patterns and how they dodge your attacks.

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When you get to higher levels and fight bosses, you’ll notice that they are hard to go down. By mastering your enemies’ attack and dodging patterns, you can attack them when they’re most vulnerable and dodge their devastating attacks.

11. Use Less-Crowded Channels

More players start playing Lost Ark each day, not to mention the huge number of current players. This has created a problem since Lost Ark needs a connection to the server in order to play the game. It’s now common to find crowded Lost Ark channels, and players have to wait in a queue to play.

If you’re ever in this situation, find less-crowded channels instead. This way you won’t spend too much time in a queue. Additionally, with overwhelmed servers, you can experience lag in character movements, which may be detrimental if you are in a battle with enemies. To avoid all these inconveniences, stick to less-crowded servers.

With these tips, you are well-prepared to succeed in Lost Ark. Remember, you can always find your way through any challenges, provided you look hard enough for clues and hints in the environment.

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