Toplitz Productions has announced that Lumberjack’s Dynasty will enter Steam Early Access on November 21, 2019.

Lumberjack’s Dynasty tasks players with setting up a homestead in the woods while also building a long-lasting timber business. Hence, they will have to cut down the trees, cultivate, harvest them and turn them into various products to ensure your family company can succeed for generations to come.

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You have to cut down trees and process the wood into various products

Wood has played an important role in the history of civilization. Thanks to the amazing effectiveness of woods, people have the resource to cook food and warm up themselves. Furthermore, wood is also a good material to create tools, weapons, furniture, houses and lots of other helpful things.

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You will live in the most beautiful sceneries as a real lumberjack

Coming to Lumberjack’s Dynasty, you can get away from the bustle and hustle of the cities. You will able to enjoy your life in the most spectacular sceneries that our mother nature has given us and live the fullest life working as a lumberjack.

Here is the trailer of Lumberjack’s Dynasty 2019:

The producer of Toplitz Productions: Robin Gibbels said that the team was very proud of their work. He thought both experienced players or newbies can enjoy this life-simulation genre thanks to its special gameplay features. Especially, Gibbels stated that Lumberjack’s Dynasty isn't just a job simulation because the game also offers players an opportunity to build a family’s business from the fundamental level.

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Lumberjack's Dynasty was set to release on November 21st

In Lumberjack’s Dynasty, you inherited a run-down logger camp from your father, and your mission is to bring that deteriorated logger camp back to its glory days. Hence, there will be lots of works waiting for you to finish: From renovating your house and the lumberjack camp to reactivating the old sawmill and most importantly, cutting down trees to make diverse products from the trees’ wood.

However, apart from those work, it’s also necessary for you to look after your family whilst developing your business to turn both into a prosperous dynasty.

Stay tuned for your logger journey in Lumberjack’s Dynasty!  This game takes inspiration from a concept called “DYNASTY” which combines the life simulation genre with role-playing game elements and bundling them together in a classic forestry simulation game.

Be prepared and start your adventure in Lumberjack Dynasty!