During San Diego Comic-Con 2019, attendees got a chance to look at several exclusive gameplay of the upcoming Marvel's Avengers. The video will undoubtedly hit official platforms later, but thanks to someone with a mobile phone at the event, we're now can enjoy some parts of the footage earlier.

Marvels Avengers
Marvel's Avengers is making its way to PC and consoles.

The leaked video shows Thor swinging his Mjolnir, rampaging a group of hapless enemies in an attempt to help the police. Besides a somewhat destructible turnpike featured in the footage, we can clearly hear some satisfying sound effects while Thor dominates the battle. More interestingly, our God of Thunder seems to pull off several combos during the fight, including a couple of Devil May Cry-inspired aerial attacks.

Marvel's Avengers - Leaked gameplay

Additionally, we got a brief look at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, which was previously shown on Marvel's Avengers trailer.

The owner of this video couldn't record all of the gameplay reveal at SDCC. According to a comment on YouTube, the organizers told them to stop capturing the footage, or they will have them kicked out from the show.

Marvels Avengers Thor
We're finally getting to play as the God of Thunder!

However, a few second captured in the leaked video should be enough for the fans to get a general idea of Marvel' Avengers. The animations with Thor in action looks impressive and fluid. For those who're into Devil May Cry kind of genre, it could be even more satisfying. Not all the time you can play as the God of Thunder and go wild on hostile enemies.

Marvels Avengers 2
More details are about to come.

Marvel's Avengers is still under development by Crystal Dynamics. Publisher Square Enix will expectedly bring the game to PC and consoles on May 15, 2020.

For more information about the upcoming title, let stick to our site. We will keep you posted.