Stonecutter is a useful crafting device in Minecraft. Having a stonecutter in this game helps you complete the crafting work faster and with ease. Let's check out the Minecraft stonecutter recipe and all the best usages of this device in 2023.

Minecraft Stone Cutter
Learn how to use Stonecutter in Minecraft 2023.

I. What Is Minecraft Stonecutter

Stonecutter is not a new device in Minecraft, but it's still one of the most essential craftable crafting devices in this game. This advanced tool helps Minecrafters process various stone-related blocks, such as cobblestones, sandstones, bricks, etc.

You need only two ingredients and one device to create this advanced tool, including:

  • A crafting table;
  • An Iron ingot;
  • Three stone blocks.

The crafting table is the basic device for every crafting activity in this game. Iron ingot is a common item that can be collected in lots of structures in this game. Or else, you can cut the iron blocks or process iron nuggets to get this ingot. You can mine stone blocks from villages or smelt cobblestones by using the pickaxe.

Stonecutter In Minecraft
Make a stone cutter to process stone-related blocks in Minecraft.

II. Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe

The Minecraft stonecutter has a simple recipe. When you get enough materials for Stonecutter, follow these steps to craft this advanced device.

  • Set up the crafting table;
  • Put three blocks of stones on the middle or bottom rows;
  • Place the iron ingot right above the stone block in the middle;
  • When the crafting process finishes, drag the stonecutter to your inventory.

Open your inventory and set up the stonecutter when you need to use this device to craft stone-related blocks. Place it on the ground and click on it to open the operation screen.

How To Use Stonecutter
You can use the stonecutter to process many materials into the desired items for building or decorating.

III. How To Use Minecraft Stonecutter

The stonecutter is one of the most helpful tools in Minecraft with various usages. You can use this device to cut and craft many stone blocks for construction and decoration easily. It can process stone-related blocks like brick, granite, Prismarine, diorite, andesite, cobblestone, sandstone, basalt, Blackstone, and copper blocks.

It's also an easy-to-use device that has only one material input slot for stone or copper blocks. Then, check out the options of output items that you can craft from the materials in this device. For example, when you put a cobblestone block into the material slot, you can create one of some blocks, such as:

  • 2 cobblestone slabs;
  • A cobblestone stair;
  • A cobblestone wall.
Stonecutter Is Easy To Use
Cut materials to get preferred items and structures for construction and decoration in Minecraft.

Select the output you want to get and drag it to your inventory for storage. Using a stonecutter to craft constructional and decorative blocks is easier and faster than using the crating table. You don't have to remember the recipe as well as the position of the materials. However, it does not let you craft complicated items using more than one ingredient block.

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