The new Nightmare DLC of the game Monster Hunter World will arrive along with a Halloween event.

The new DLC, which is created by a modder named ‘6M6D6’, will arrive on September 27 and it will include a new Halloween event which provides players with many locations and items to explore.


Alongside the new DLC, Capcom also released a new Halloween event that is packed with many interesting quests, providing players the opportunities to get many Halloween-themed costumes. There are many interesting quests like USJ: Blazing Azure Stars and USJ: Gold Star Treatment. Besides new quest, the game developer also brings back some previous quests that include Kulve Taroth Siege, Wiggle Me This as well as Egg Lovers United.

On the process of making this mod, the creator used plenty of tools such as CQ editor by Official Monster Hunter World Modding Discord, the Bloodbath Diablos base Texture by JeTull, TextureConverter by highsouled, the WorldChunkTool by MHVuze, Weapon and armor mod by BloodTiger88 and the MHW Armor Editor by Freschu.

Below are some videos and screenshots of the new DLC:

MHW "NIGHTMARE" EVENT - DLC Mod PC - Offical Teaser

If you are interested in this new DLC,  you can easily download it using Nexusmods here.

There is also a clear instruction on how to install the Mod provided by Nexus mod:

How to install

  1. Back up the "nativePC" folder (if there is one) as installing the mod may replace something you want to keep.
    or create some bugs that should not be there!
  2. Again remember to back up the "nativePC" folder
  3. An Optional file named "Bloodbath Diablos" - there is a possible bug (game crashes) when you mount the file so do not mount it. Nexus is working to fix the bug
  4. Unpack the "NativePC' folder you downloaded to the Monster Hunter World main directory which is commonly located in (Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)
  5. Enjoy the game

Monster Hunter World is now available for consoles and PC.