A report has recently claimed that approximately half of all of the Nintendo Switch players have Fortnite - One of the world’s most famous games in the battle royale genre - downloaded into their consoles.

It is worth noting that the console of Nintendo Switch has been purchased for 22.86m times, which is even more than the total sales of GameCube up to this very moment. With that in mind, you can imagine how staggering the number of downloads this game has.

Fortnite is one of the most famous games in the world right now

Even though this version of the game doesn’t have any differences compared to the original one, it is still very popular and draws a lot of attention. That is because it offers gamers a cross-platform mode, players can take it on the go without any trouble. It is also thanks to the fact that Switch has a very strong connection with the young Fortnite players.

There is hardly any revelatory else that we can find from the latest report about financial results of Nintendo. However, there are still some small details that we can discuss.

The company's financial results showed that more than half of those who have pre-ordered Pokémon Let's Go on Switch chose the £85 versions of this game in lieu of the usual £45 one. This stemmed from Poké Ball Plus - an accessory in the game - being included in those highly charged versions.

On 3DS, Nintendo is having plans to develop some new games for players who use the old, classic handheld devices. The company intends to release those games "around the turn of the year", still, there is still no announcement to further support this.

On smartphone systems, the company is still up for launching Mario Kart Tour around the last week of March next year. However, we still haven’t got any new information about this game.