An extreme pong sport for at most four players? Or perhaps a Smash Bros with indirect fights? Lethal League of Team Reptile is, as always, a multiplayer favorite in a lot of circles. The sequel, Blaze, will launch today with 3D models replacing sprites. In addition, they flesh out the game worlds by bulking its online and local multiplayer with updated options and a branching story mode for single players. Here is a trailer that has some quick beliefs on this preview build, a peek know the intensity of the higher-level plays with some quite funky and fresh beats.

Lethal League Blaze Trailer

While the fighting format and controls are similar to those of the original game, Lethal League Blaze actually gives a lot more brand-new elements than what we were expecting. While it was purely cosmetic, 3D cel-shaded move work incredibly well. They look as great as all the old ones and not a single penny less expensive. There are some new characters debuting, including Jet who seems like straight out from Jet Set Radio. In addition, health bars are now so round there is no way they can end right on the very first tumble along with a system of item roulette.

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Previously, you need only one hit to be out. Thus, this change to the health bar may be the biggest one. With the change, that situation can only happen if the ball reaches the right speed. You will be fine getting donked by a slow pitch in the early game. This change is quite subtle but really helpful in multiplayer matches. While I still have not played it online yet, it has been a joy offline. New characters have enough twists to spice things up through special attacks. However, it is still all about mind-games, precision, and timing.

I am actually enjoying this new game more than the original. It feels more professional and slicker at an increased price. After playing it, I feel that the game can create some waves in the following large fighting game tournament in the side-game category. Maybe it can even become a mainstay at Evo.

The game is now available on Humble and Steam for $20/€20/£18.