The news is coming from the developer IO Interactive of the famous title Hitman 2. They are inviting new players for a test campaign of their  2018 stealth game -  Starter Pack, Hitman 2. The first mission of the game is available for download and experience by all the players. This is your chance to try out a mission of this amazing game completely for free.


Now You Can Try The First Misson Of Hitman 2 For F
Starter Pack of Hitman 2

The first mission will be the one after the tutorial which named "Nightcall". This mission takes place in the beautiful country of New Zealand, in a "luxurious castle " on the bank of  Hawke's Bay. You will take on the shoes of Agent 47 and take on the mission of infiltration and assassination various targets in the compound. After the first mission, you could choose to buy the full game and carry over your progression in Mission 1 throughout the rest of the game.

Elusive Target mission

Now You Can Try The First Misson Of Hitman 2 For F
Barbara Elizabeth Keating

Moreover, Starter Pack of Hitman 2 will let you participate in the Elusive Target mission. This is an in-game event with a limited time slot that gives you the chance to execute a target of high profile. If you download the Starter Pack right now you could join the soon to come Elusive Target runs from 8th-17th of March which is called  "The Politician".

In this special event, you will need to make your way through countless enemies with smart AI roaming around Hawke's Bay and also avoid killing the body double of the target. Then finally complete this event by killing Barbara Elizabeth Keating who is a former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs of New Zealand. She has a bad reputation for moving charity funds to her offshore account.

If you would like to know more about Hitman 2, then follow our review, we will show you how we killed Sean Bean as an elusive target.