If you are a fan of first person shooting (FPS) games and watch a lot of streams, you may be really familiar with “ToeYouUp”. This guy is a one-armed Twitch streamer who plays a lot of FPS games in a very unique style. And of course, our ToeYouUp cannot miss the new game Apex Legends – a big hit in the gaming community since February 4th. And even more, he got his victory in the online battle royale FPS game – something that even a normal gamer with two properly functioning hands finds extremely difficult.

ToeYouUp is a U.S. Marine veteran who lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24. However, this does not stop our ToeYouUp from following his passion and continuing to play video games, including Apex Legends and Battlefield V. And just after a few days trying the popular battle royale FPS game by Respawn Entertainment, he got his first win of the game with a standard PlayStation 4 controller.

The amputee U.S. Marine veteran uses his ordinary PlayStation 4 controller by his right foot and his left hand. He uses his fingers on his left hand and his toes on his right foot to aim, move and shoot – quite an impressive skill right?

The admirable ToeYouUp has learned to adapt to his disability and has sharpened his FPS skills to the perfection point through hours of practice. Losing one arm hasn’t stopped him from performing on stream—and winning his first game of Apex Legends is the proof for his abilities and his endurance.

His first victory was posted on the Apex Legends' subreddit, where he earned positive and encouraging feedback and comments from the community. Some fans praised him for his stoicism and his one-handed dexterity. Others gave him advice, suggesting that he should try using a modified controller (namely the Xbox adaptive controller) to help him play with more ease, maybe more efficiency.