It's only a month left until Oninaki comes out to the public. That's why the developer Tokyo RPG Factory and the publisher Square Enix have decided to bring the hype up!

Yesterday, they have announced a free demo of Oninaki to the public. The demo is available in both North America and Europe, and it supports both consoles and PC.

While you take your time downloading this demo, why don't we watch the game's new trailer?

Oninaki released the ‘Upgrade and Customize’ trailer

Previously, we've given you an overview of the story of Oninaki in this article. However, if you don't have time to flashback, here's the plot summary:

Oninaki takes the logic of the life and death circle. People live, people die, people reincarnate - that's the normal flow of a human lifeline. However, there are souls that still want to hold back their tear in the world of the living, and they need salvation to get back on the track. That responsibility lies in the hand of the Watchers - the ones guiding the lost soul back to the circle of reincarnation.

Oninaki Releases A Free Demo And A New Trailer 1
Oninaki tells the story of the Watchers - the ones guiding the lost souls

Oninaki follows the footsteps of one mysterious Watcher- Kagachi. Players will have a chance to see how the ordinary job of a Watchers looks like. While guiding the emotions of the lost souls, he'll also prevent them from transforming into terrifying monsters. Take them to the battle, and serve the ties of the two worlds!

Oninaki Releases A Free Demo And A New Trailer 4
Kagachi is the main protagonist in this game

The story of Oninaki seems quite clear at this moment. However, the gameplay of Oninaki hasn't been revealed much even after E3 2019. All we have known so far is this game will be an action RPG title, with hack-n-slash combat style that allows you to make use of the Daemons - the lost souls that you're guiding.

Oninaki Releases A Free Demo And A New Trailer 2
The early images from E3 can't satisfy fans

And 1 month before the official release of the game, the developer has given us a chance to see the most special features about the gameplay! From the trailer, we can see that there will be a system of weapons and skills upgrade. The skills tree contains several routes, which allows you to choose freely depends on your playstyle. Furthermore, you can also upgrade your weapons and Daemons after slaying monsters as well.

Oninaki Releases A Free Demo And A New Trailer 6
You can choose the most suitable skills route with your playstyle

I don't understand Japanese, so it's the best that I can pull out of this trailer.

About this demo

Nevertheless, Oninaki's gameplay is not only seeable, but it's also touchable! Square Enix has provided both Consoles and PC players with a free demo, featuring two distinctive play modes. The first one is the 'Story mode', which allows you to experience the first part of the game's story. Alongside that is the 'Battle Mode', where you can test out the Daemons' combats.

Furthermore, your progress in this demo could be brought to the official version in the same regions. Hence, you don't have to worry about grinding again anymore!

Oninaki Releases A Free Demo And A New Trailer 5
Free demo of Oninaki is now available to download

PS4 players can find this demo on PlayStation Store; Switch owner can get this on Nintendo eShop, and PC players can try it on Steam.

Alongside this release, the publisher is currently running a 10% discount for pre-order, which will end when the game officially comes out. This pre-order version includes the Titan Axe DLC and a package of wallpapers, so be sure to check them out.

Oninaki Releases A Free Demo And A New Trailer 7
Pre-order now to get a 10% discount, a DLC and a wallpaper package

Oninaki will mark its official release on August 22, and it supports PS4, Switch, and PC at launch!