The Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel just reset yesterday and a new podium car has arrived to replace the Dewbauchee Specter. This week, the podium car is the Peyote Gasser GTA 5, a modified muscle car, as the podium car of this week. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Peyote Gasser GTA 5.

1. Peyote Gasser GTA 5 design and performance


The GTA 5 Peyote Gasser real life version is the Bird of Prey, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird gasser. It is a drag car version of the Peyote so both have a lot of similarities. The side of the car no longer has the "V10 Supercharged" badge compared to the stock model.

Vapid Peyote Gasser
The Vapid Peyote Gasser GTA 5

The car doesn't have a front bumper to give space for the front-mounted oil tank. The interior of the car is the same as the stock model, except for the race-type steering wheel.  The rear wheel arches were removed to fit the large drag tires.


  • Top speed: 118 mph
  • Acceleration: n/a

The Peyote Gasser top speed is 118 mph, which is quite decent among its class. It has amazing acceleration and great braking, making the car a great option in a straight-line race. However, the vehicle has trouble turning at high speeds because of understeer. The car has high clearance so it is capable of uneven terrain easily and small obstacles.

Peyote Gasser Wheelie
The Peyote Gasser can do an infinite wheelie if you pop its rear tires.

Powered by a single-cam V8 engine, you can do a wheelie with this car by holding the brake and gas then letting the brake go, which is pretty fun. If you pop the rear tires, you can do infinite muscle wheelie. No other muscle cars in the game can do the same thing.

2. GTA 5 Peyote Gasser customization

You can upgrade the performance and appearance of the Peyote Gasser in Los Santos Custom. With a quite unique look, the car has some exotic options for exposed engines and grilles.

As usual, the GTA 5 Vapid Peyote Gasser customization is divided into performance and visual upgrades with different price lists.

Performance upgrades

Below is the list of performance upgrade options and their cost for the GTA 5 Peyote Gasser.

Category Peyote Gasser Modification Cost (GTA 5 Online)
Armor No Armor $1,000
Armor Upgrade 20% $7,500
Armor Upgrade 40% $12,000
Armor Upgrade 60% $20,000
Armor Upgrade 80% $35,000
Armor Upgrade 100% $50,000
Brakes Stock Brakes $1,000
Street Brakes $20,000
Sport Brakes $27,000
Race Brakes $35,000
Engine EMS Upgrade, Level 1 $9,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 2 $12,500
EMS Upgrade, Level 3 $18,000
EMS Upgrade, Level 4 $33,500
Suspension Stock Suspension $200
Lowered Suspension $1,000
Street Suspension $2,000
Sport Suspension $3,400
Competition Suspension $4,400
Turbo None $5,000
Turbo Tuning $50,000
Transmission Stock Transmission $1,000
Street Transmission $29,500
Sports Transmission $32,500
Race Transmission $40,000

Visual upgrades

Below is the list of visual customization options and their cost for the GTA 5 Vapid Peyote Gasser.

Category Peyote Gasser Modification Cost (GTA 5 Online)
Exhaust Stock Exhaust $260
Ceramic Headers $750
Chrome Short Headers $1,800
Ceramic Short Headers $3,000
Chrome Long Headers $9,550
Ceramic Long Headers $9,750
Chrome Street Headers $10,500
Ceramic Street Headers $12,000
Chrome Angled Headers $13,750
Ceramic Angled Headers $14,625
Basic Side Pipes $15,500
Custom Side Pipes $16,475
Grilles Stock Grille $200
Chrome Grille $750
Custom Chrome Grille $1,340
Billet Grille $1,650
Lead Sled Grille $3,000
Open Grille $3,200
Hoods Stock Hood $1,600
Hood Removal $3,000
Secondary Hood $5,000
Smoothed Hood $8,000
Secondary Smoothed Hood $9,600
Carbon Smoothed Hood $11,000
Dual Filter Blower $11,600
Dual Filter / No Hood $12,000
Large Filter Blower $12,400
Large Filter / No Hood $12,400
Short Ram Pipes $12,500
Shorter Ram Pipes / No Hood $12,900
Angled Ram Pipes $13,250
Angled Ram Pipes / No Hood $13,600
Oval Intake Bugcatcher $13,900
Oval Intake / No Hood $14,150
Triple Intake Bugcatcher $14,400
Triple Intake / No Hood $14,650
Livery None $11,400
Keeping It Simple $18,240
Old School Gasser $19,380
Smokey Peyote $20,520
Flywheels Garage $21,660
Blacktop Burner $22,800
Flames of Freedom $23,370
Cocktail Kitty $23,939
Junkyard Special $24,510
Drag Predator $25,080
Valiant Vapid $25,650
Roll Cages No Roll Cage $700
Cage & Sports Seats $1,100
Cage & Performance Seats $1,350
Cage & Race Seats $1,500
Cage & Drag Seats $2,750
Cage & Carbon Seats $3,600
Roofs Stock Roof $200
No Roof $700
Primary Roof $1,150
Secondary Roof $1,600

3. How to get the Peyote Gasser GTA 5

There are two ways to obtain the Vapid Peyote Gasser, one from the auto shop and the other from the weekly Lucky Wheel.

  • Buy Peyote Gasser from Southern SA Super Autos

The Peyote Gasser price is $805,000 in GTA Online. Players can buy it from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. You can sell the Peyote Gasser for $483,000 (60% original price) plus 60% of the upgrades you made.

The price of the Peyote Gasser is really high but doesn't really add up with a performance at all. Still, it is a fun car to mess with and definitely worth a try in the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel.

Gta Online Podium Car Spin Wheel
Make sure to visit the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel every day to do daily spin.
  • Win Peyote Gasser from Lucky Wheel

Since Peyote Gasser is the podium car of this week's Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel (October 22 - October 29), players can get this car for next to nothing if they are lucky. There is a 5% chance that you will get the car.

There is a total of 7 chances for players to spin the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel. If you own a Penthouse, the spins are free. But if you don't each spin will cost $500.

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