Into The Dead 2 is an FPS game where you running through a world full of zombies to save your family. The game features more than 60 fast-paced story-driven levels along with 36 side story missions. There is a total of 25 different kinds of weapons for players to choose from along with 8 unique classes. You have all the tools in the world to maim, mow down those zombies and survive.

You can also have an animal companion with you, choosing from an array of 8 different ones from dogs to tigers, to bite back the zombies. Different animal companions will have different skills of their own and all can be leveled up.

The game introduces 2 DLCs called Ghostbusters and Night of The Living Dead at launch with additional content. In the Ghostbusters Add On, you can join the original Ghostbusters team with Winston, Peter, Egon, and Ray as a new recruited guy to look into a paranormal disturbance.

GhostBusters DLC will allow you to join the Ghostbusters team as a new recruit

As for Night of the Living Dead Add On, players will be in Ben's shoes to experience his grueling experiences before the event of the films. You will team up with a country girl called Alice to survive through 12 levels.

Both of these DLCs will be available at launch for $4.99 each on the eShop.

Key features;

  • Complete daily and special events to get exclusive prizes.
  • Many different kinds of zombies that require you to adapt your tactics.
  • Big map with many different environments and locations such as oil field, military bases, campsites,...
  • Immersive story and multiple endings with hundreds of challenges for you to complete
  • Make use of surrounding elements such as cars or military gun emplacements.

The game will be available on October 25, but you can pre-order it now on the eShop for $34.99.