Earlier today, Ndemic Creations, the developer of famous simulation game Plague Inc, has revealed a PC version of their "political/military strategic simulation" Rebel Inc. First released on Android and iOS, the PC version of the game is named Rebel Inc: Escalation, with some new features.

As an expanded version of Rebel Inc, Rebel Inc: Escalation features a full campaign mode, as well as multiplayer supported - which aren't available on the mobile version. Meanwhile, the core gameplay of the game is still the same with last year's mobile version - as you will have to make decisions and take actions to stabilize and keeping a war-torn country in peace.

You will have to make many decisions with a limited budget

To do so, you will have to balance between civilian needs and military needs so that you can appeal to the civilian, while still being strong enough to prevent enemies from seizing power. As the resources in the game are limited, you will have to manage resources carefully and adapting to changing conditions on the battlefield. However, Escalation will feature "real world development initiatives and innovative representation of counterinsurgency tactics," according to the developers.

When the PC version of the game first launched, it will feature five Afghanistan-inspired regions, with six playable governors - each with its own perk and benefits - for example, Economist will have a large starting money in the game; or Warlords can deploy their personal militia.

Screen 2
A screenshot of the game

The PC release of Rebel Inc will start out as an early access title, and according to the developers, new maps and governors will be added to the game. The multiplayer mode is hoped to bring competitive aspects to the game, providing a way for gamers to enjoy the game further. If things go smoothly, the game will leave the early access phase in early 2020.

Rebel Inc: Escalation will be available on PC via Steam in October. The mobile version of the game is available for free for Android and iOS.