Refereum, a crypto marketing company informs people that it has engaged in a partnership with the major developer of the battle royale genre, PUBG. Players will be rewarded with RFR tokens supported by the startup.

Pubg Is Added To Acer Predator Gaming League
PUBG Is Added To Acer Predator Gaming League

The first event will last until August 20th. During that time, rewards are distributed in PUBG by the achievement system. Players who log directly into the game and completed achievements would get tokens of cryptocurrency that they could exchange for further rewards. The Refereum firm says it has previously offered this kind of reward on games such as Battlefield, Apex Legends and Fortnite

According to the company, it has raised $32 million dollars in a private sale in early 2018, and the purpose of RFR tokens is to align game developers, content creators, and players in the promotion and playing of new games.

Pubg Mobile Payload Mode Tips Afb6_wm
Pubg Mobile Payload Mode

Game companies want people with influence to play their games and stream it on popular flatform like Twitch, and they also want people to watch those streams. According to Refereum, the rewards offered by them would help in drawing people, and by logging these rewards on the technology, the system would be fairer.

Jones, CEO of Refereum wanted to use blockchain technology in tandem with the influencers to make money.

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ESport is growing by the day

What can RFRs be used for when players have earned it? Refereum says that the tokens can be used for either game purchases or in-game items purchases such as weapons or skins. You can also contribute by tipping your favorite streamer with it as well.

Refereum is not the first company to enter the game PR space, and it would not be the last. The ICO-funded Russian startup “The Abyss” just has a project with Epic Games (the developer of Fortnite) to take advantage of their promotion technology and instigate more developments on Epic’s popular Unreal Engine.