2018 has witnessed the great success of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios. The company has released many big hits in the gaming industry, including God of War, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, MLB: The Show, and many different PS4-exclusive games. All of these games together have made PlayStation one of the best gaming companies in the world.Daysgone 755x425

But these successful games are not built by themselves. It takes the hard work of a whole team to make them possible. Right now, they are also working on the improving of quality of published games, and developing new games at the same time the. Worldwide Studios team is doing their best, no matter where they are, from Bend, OR to Tokyo; San Mateo, CA; London; and many other studios of PlayStation worldwide. Below are some of the sneak peak we want to show you as how it works in its very hometown.


Day of Release: Nov. 6, 2018

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The company has previously announced the appearance of Déraciné from Sony Interactive Entertainment. This game is developed by SIE Studio in Japan, and the schedule for the exclusive release of it for PlayStation VR* is this November 6, 2018. Hidetaka Miyazaki, bloodborne director, and FromSoftware are the creators and allow the VR debut in forms of Déraciné .

The game is said to provide players with a narrative which is full of emotion. When playing the game, players will act as a faerie that had never been seen by any human being. This is also the person who bonds personally with the children studying in a secluded boarding school. He also has the ability to move around the boarding school in times of others being frozen, which enables players to gather and process a large amount of information. This kind of action is also the clues to solve an existing and growing mystery.

Days Gone

Date of release: April 26, 2019

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A new game of Playstation

Days Gone is a product of Bend Studio and many gamers are looking forward to it. However, we are sorry to announce that there has been a change in the scheduled release date of the game. Originally it is to be in the market this February, however, after considering the many other games and events happening on this month, the release time has been moved to April 26, 2019. As eager as the studio in seeing the game played and enjoyed by beloved fans, Bend Studio will take advantage of this time to complete Days Gone and make the experience while playing it perfect.

As PlayStation lovers have already heard about, Days Gone is set to happen in the middle of the Pacific Northwest’s desert. This is also a game which mainly focuses on actions which take place in a very open world. The world that gamers have to deal with is not safe, not just at night, but also during the day. There will be damaged roads, unpleasant weather and surprise attacks from other human beings and also the wildlife is unpredictable. Moreover, there will also be Freakers wandering anywhere, making it a more thrilling world. Under that condition, gamers have to use their drifter bike to fight for resources and most importantly, to survive.

Concrete Genie

Expected time of release: Spring 2019

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The Pixelopus team at PlayStation is the creators of this game. Concrete Genie is the world of a teenager called Ash. Being bullied so badly, Ash decided to draw his own living landscapes and creatures that have never been seen before in the Denska’s walls- an abandoned town, also his hometown. This is also a way of forgetting about the real world and its harsh reality. After discovering a paintbrush having magic, Ash finds out that his paintings can purify polluted walls of Denska and make the town alive once again.

Concrete Genie is set to be leased this 2019 spring by Pixelopus, a development studio at PlayStation’s San Mateo campus. In the upcoming time, we’ll have more details about this expected game.

Everybody’s Golf VR

Expected time of release: Spring 2019

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Everybody’s Golf is a franchise in golfing, which will have a PS VR* debut in Spring 2019. Clap Hanz, together with SIE Japan Studio, is the developer of the game. In this game, DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move motion controllers is used to swing virtual golf clubs.

With PS VR, when playing Everybody’s Golf, gamers will have a chance to have a better sense of the terrain, learn about wind direction to have better shots and many more.