YouTube's greatest channel owner, Felix Kjellberg, is trying to call out one of Twitch's most famous streamers - Pokimane, who reportedly asserted that the video of one of a smaller Youtube channel has violated her copyright.

Pewdiepie And Pokimane
Pewdiepie accused Pokimane of copy striking other Youtubers.

PewDiePie talked about this situation in a video of his on Friday, in which he pointed out that Pokimane had apparently asserted the video of a smaller Youtube channel which was called 'Bowblax' for utilizing content from her clips in her beef with KEEMSTAR on Twitter back in November. Interestingly, not so long after that beef, KEEMSTAR also accused her of abusing Youtube copyright striking system.

Pewdiepie proceeded to point out that YouTube may somehow have helped increase the video's popularity, eventually raising their beef on Twitter - which Pewds theorized may have been the hidden explanation behind Pokimane's copyright strike.

Pewds claimed that he knew why Pokimane wanted to remove that mentioned video, he then explained that the whole issue has gotten so far and so big but one more reason is that Pokimane simply wanted more attention into it. He stated that what is hidden from everyone just makes them more curious and want to dig into it.

PewDiePie, on the other hand, also called out other famous content creators who had allegedly utilized his content, bringing up that famous PUBG gamer, streamer Shroud had watched a clip of his amid a stream session without including any commentary about it.

Still, he even joked about this situation, telling that the famous streamer didn't even subscribe him after watching his video and including his content for his own stream.

Pokimane herself has energetically condemned many content creators for violating her copyright in multiple videos. This was once pointed out by Memology, another Youtuber in one of his video about her striking Bowblax back in December.

Watch: Memology's video about Pokimane