Nuclear apocalypses have acted as an inspiration for countless video games, and now, the upcoming simulator title Endzone: A World Apart from Assemble Entertainment and Gentlymad Studios is another title that’s looking to jump into the fray. Check out its trailer below:

The setting of Endzone: A World Apart is an especially bleak one. A terrorist organization launched a global attack on nuclear power plants around the world. While the initial onslaught was disastrous, it’s the nuclear fallout that followed suit that’s more devastating. Millions died, while those who are left took shelter in special facilities known as Endzones.

A century and a half have passed since then, and now humanity is finally having a chance to return to the surface. However, the planet has changed, becoming a much more perilous and unwelcoming place than it was before. The trailer has already revealed plenty of in-depth details, but here are some other features that you can expect from the game, according to its Steam page:

Endzone Aa85_wm
An especially bleak setting
  • Build a settlement and take care of your people with over 30 types of buildings.
  • Establish efficient infrastructures to gather and refine several resources and manage your economy.
  • Dynamic environments with varying levels of humidity and radiation across different areas.
  • Many threats to deal with such as toxic rains, droughts, sandstorms, and radioactively contaminated ground.
  • Deploy expedition teams to secluded locations to uncover secrets.
  • Every decision you make will have a drastic impact on the fate of the entire population.
Endzone: A World Apart
Build various structures and slowly restore the planet

Endzone: A World Apart is expected to launch on Steam Early Access in early 2020 and the developer has also promised to add more features during this Early Access cycle. The game is already available for pre-order on its official website and probably on Steam as well in the near future. It comes in two versions: the Standard Edition that costs $20.99 (Rs 1500) and the Supporter Edition that will set you back $30.99 (Rs 2200).

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