Sometimes fixes are just not enough and don't work. This time, it is true with the most popular battle royale PUBG when a lot of players are reporting issues with the gunplay system.

For several recent months, PUBG was spending a lot of their time improving the game and fixing its ordinary bugs and issues which players had been complaining about before. Everything turned out to work quite well for the most part of last year, up to this point. Some players noticed that the frame rates of the game could affect guns' recoil and its DPS, and that also led to changes in these guns' performance.

Pubg Rof

PUBG's weapon mechanics are commonly considered among its most prominent characteristics; guns are designed so that they guarantee the consistency of shooting and the balance of gunfights. And thus a small issue on the mechanics, especially in the amount of recoil in each gun, can heavily affect players' experiences in the game.

The issue was potentially found and debated by a famous Youtuber called WackyJacky101, whose usually analyzed PUBG's features including bugs. His ideas and findings are also very reliable.

In his video, WackyJacky101 found that with a lower framerate, the gun's vertical recoil is decreased. At 30fps, the recoil level will be a lot easier to control than at higher fps. This was even more significant when you use guns which have a higher rate of fire while with a slower gun such as AKM it would see not much of a difference.

WackyJacky101 realized that framerate can also influence the firing speed so basically at lower fps your guns will also be slower, subsequently making guns like the M416 increasingly precise at lower fps. This is maybe due to the PUBG's recoil algorithm, which is constantly calculated for each and every shot. This is a compromise when you look into it. Lower fps can result in more accuracy with less recoil but it will subsequently limit the rate of fire or the DPS of your guns.

More notably, players who have unstable framerate can find it really hard to deal with the gun recoil and may result in unstable performance likely.

Interestingly, a Redditor called MutuTutu even went further when he noticed that this had something to do with the relation between a gun's rate of fire and your framerate while shooting with it.

For instance, the AKM was least influenced in WackyJacky101's tests since its fire rate (10/s) flawlessly synchronizes with 30 and 60 fps. Constraining the fps to 31 or 61 uncovered that a slight change can heavily affect the level of recoil. And not just the AKM, every other gun has this issue.

This made MutuTutu come up with an idea that every gun would have its own perfect framerate at which it performed the best. He made some very dedicated researches and finally publish a sheet which showcased every gun's performance according to the framerates.

So your guns would basically handle better if your framerate syncs with the guns' firing speed. Of course, a steady framerate is really hard to acquire not to mention each gun will need a different framerate to perform the best, but the point is to limit your framerate fluctuation can result in better performance.

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