Having information in PUBG is critical. Being spotted by other players in PUBG will give you a huge disadvantage as they can play around you and kill you in a most unexpected way. These are some of the tips that will keep you under the radar and avoid detection.


Limit your vulnerable angel using buildings and terrain

Always choose locations where you are not exposed too much. Try to eliminate your vulnerable angle by moving from covers to covers and use the terrain. In order to do this correctly, you need to guess where the enemy will come from using your experience or clues like gun sounds, cars, open doors. In the later circle, it is likely that there will be enemies from many different angles. Try to notice the kill feed and hear the gun sound to know which direction will pose more threats to you and plan

Blend in your surrounding

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If you don't match your surrounding, you are toasted

The first things you need to take care of is your clothes. Overall, maps in PUBG has bright colors, so you would want to avoid clothes with black color.

Secondly, try to avoid illuminated areas like white walls or white rocks. Instead, keep yourself in the shadow will make it harder for enemies to see you. Also, try to use crouch whenever possible, and even sometimes prone.


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Use crouch walking to sneak on the enemy

Try to make as least noise as possible. Firstly, don't shoot if you aren't going to kill your target. All you will do is attracting every other player in the area to your place.

If you are trying to sneak into a house with a player in it, try to mask your noise with the sound of an airplane, nearby cars or using crouch walking so the enemy won't hear you coming.