PUBG developers are working hard to save this dead game from death. In the upcoming update 8.3, Bluehole introduces a new vehicle and a new item to help players dash into the safe zone quickly. Check it out here with

PUBG Update 8.3 Brings A New Ferry And Jammer Pack

Bluehole is continually introducing a new vehicle. It's a ferry. There are four ferries added to the map. It will work like the train in Vikendi that came to this game months ago. You can jump on the ferry to cross the river without having to drive a boat or Aquarail. When you drive a boat or canoe, you cannot use weapons and shoot back enemies when getting shot. However, this new vehicle will run automatically. Therefore, you can combat when being fired on the ferry.

Pubg Ferry
The new ferry in PUBG

Keep in mind that the ferry will be moored at the ferry landing for 20 seconds before leaving. Moreover, it will hoot in 7 seconds when it leaves and reaches the landing spot. This ferry will take you from the South of Erangel to the Sosnovka Military Base. The ferry only works after the first circle shrinks.

Pubg Jammer Pack
Jammer Pack Is Coming Soon

Moreover, there will be a new item called Jammer Pack that protects players from the electric zone. Players will not get damaged from the electric zone. However, it can only work within a limited time. When it runs out of energy, Jammer Pack will be useless. It ensures the balance and fair game of PUBG. In addition, the energy of this pack will decrease quickly when the damage of later electric zones increases.

Pubg 8 3
PUBG 8.3 Update Brings Many New Features And Enhancements

PUBG developers are launching Jammer Pack in some maps like Sanhok and Karakin. Besides, there are many other enhancements and additions in the upcoming update. Bluehole and PUBG developers hope that these improvements can save this game and bring it back to heyday.