The new 5.2 update for PUBG PC is now available to be downloaded on the test servers. There are two main additions in this patch: the new spike traps for vehicles and a unique test level for PUBG called “PUBG Labs”. About the PUBG Lab, the tab to access it is placed under the Play section after you have installed the patch. PUBG Labs is an experimental feature in which the developers would showcase their works or assets that are in development.

The new "skill based matchmaking" is very likely to be the replacement of the current system

You can actually choose to opt-in as a tester – currently, there is a new ranking system in the works. Its purpose is most likely to be a replacement for the current outdated system. It is not clear if this program in the PUBG Lab would be used in the future, however, this would work as an insight into the development process. To be rated on the new ranking system, you have to play five matches.

Spike traps work exactly as you would expect – the thing would destroy the tires of vehicles running over them. Each trap can only work once and is not movable after placed.

Another feature in today’s update is the ability to use attachments automatically. This feature is already available in the console for quite a while, however, it is yet to be added to the PC version. There will be three settings available so you could fine-tune the options: how and when the picked up weapon attachments would be equipped to your gun.

You would have to play various placement matches to be ranked

There are a few shortcuts as well – you can set that the attachment only automatically attached when you either use a hotkey or dragging. There is also another setting in which your attachments which are already on a weapon would be transferred automatically to the weapon you replaced it with (if they fit, of course).

Another chance in the communication system is the addition of a “waypoint” system, which would let you draw lines on the mini-map. This could be a great change, as you can now actually tell your teammates what you would like them to do, like plot a part for driving, for example.

The ranks for solo and squad mode would be separated

Furthermore, there have also been some tweaks related to water-based activities. Swimming speed and diving speed have been increased. You can now recover your breath faster after surfacing, which in turn leads to longer underwater dives and better stealth ability.

Pubg Update 52 Patch Notes Updates Vikendi Map Add
It would be easier to move around in a vehicle on the snow map now - prior to this it was nigh impossible

Lastly are the changes to Vikendi, PUBG’s winter map. It has definitely been worked on for quite a while. The changes are not too drastically like Erangel 2.0, however, it is still worth relearning the map. The snow island now features more roads, frozen landscapes, and vehicles so that moving around on one would be easier. Moving on foot is also buffed, with the addition of new covers and terrain changes.

Pubg Update 52 Patch Notes Updates Vikendi Map Add
Players setting up spike traps to disable enemies' vehicles. They are rather easy to detect and avoid, however.

Even the blue zones have seen some changes in Vikendi, with the earlier safe zones enlarged. The early game in the snow map would be less unforgiving now. You can take a look at the full changelog on PUBG’s official blog. Want to read more articles about PUBG or PUBG Mobile? Please check this link out for a complete guide of Vikendi.