According to what Austin revealed us last year, Rainswept is intended to be an adventure game full of mysteries which is set in a small town called Pineview. That is also the place that Michael Anderson the detective has traveled to and investigated the brutal murder of Diane Miller and Christopher Green.


At that time of revelation, we all expected the game to be launched at some point near the end of 2018. But up to now in 2019 that the developer of the game - Frostwood Interactive has finally made an official announcement that they intend to launch the game on February 1.

Rainswept’s story includes the "themes of love, relationships and unresolved trauma,". Through dream sequences, flashbacks, cutscenes as well as dialog interactions with multiple-choice along with "small-town personalities." the story is shown to us from multiple perspectives. Through everything you learn from the story, it is up to you in determining the truth: Was it real just like the rumors that the deaths of Diane Miller and Christopher Green resulted from a murder-suicide or is there something that is more sinister and mysterious going on?

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Start your investigation in the small town of Pineview

Many tend to believe that there is actually something more sinister that is happening right in Pineview: "The further he pursues the case, the more his own past shall come back to haunt him," expresses by Steam listing. "And the closer his own sanity will be pushed to the edge."

The trailer of the game is highly promising with quite a bit of weirdness in a good way for indie games. Fortunately, the demo version of Rainswept which was released about a year ago still remains available to try out at It will definitely not contain up-to-date features as well as polish, however, this can be considered as a way for you to get an exact sense to find out should this game fit you or not, the price can hardly ever go wrong. You are also able to dig deeper and learn more about the mystery of the game at