Working with all of their enthusiastic, many modders have brought to us many of the most amazing games for PC of the past years.

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The gaming industry is hotter than ever these days. Many excellent games have been born in all genres, from survival games to MOBA masterpieces. It is hard to see any young people who don’t play battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite nowadays. If not, maybe you can find them on the largest video games distribution platform, Steam, with games having the most players can be listed as Ark, Warframe, CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, Grand Theft Auto V and so on. And it would be a notable absence if we don’t mention how large the amount of money used for holding Dota Internationals, League of Legends championships as well as Overwatch Leagues was.

This success of the gaming industry is led by hard-working, clever people who created incredible changes helping their games to become recognized as these days: the modders. Mods created have formed perfectly almost every famous game we heard about. Let’s take a look at the history of the mods and its modders in this article.

Survival games

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In 2013, more than three million copies of the early access Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ standalone version was sold. The success of its first year has cleared the mist for many other early access survival games such as Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, H1Z1 and The Forest to become widespread. Mostly these games have its origin coming from DayZ, including Unturned, the survival game which gained 25 million downloads in its first two years of early access.

Being the root planter for many games, but DayZ was also born as a mod created by Dean Hall for the game Arma 2 in 2012. Bohemia has decided to hire Hall after his mod attracted over a million players at the time it was released, in order to develop DayZ to be a standalone game. Since then, DayZ has been the inspiration for many best-selling survival games like Scum to be fully launched and successful.

Battle Royale

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The battle royale game genre also begins with a mod for Arma 2. Dean Hall’s DayZ mod has inspired Brendan Greene’s design which a mod called BR for the same game. After DayZ took it first step in the development to be a standalone game, Arma 3 is the next destination for Greene’s mod. But Greene did not stop there. He was soon hired to work for King of the Kill – H1Z1’s battle royale mode and later took part in the production of PUBG after joining Bluehole.

Since that day, battle royale has been born as a completely new genre of video games. We all can see clearly how much this kind of game is successful by looking into PUBG and Fornite. Even Battlefield 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will soon add battle royale modes in their games, that’s what we call a stunning success.

Hero shooters

Different from these two creators above who worked alone, hero shooters games history turned to a new page with a trio including John Cook, Ian Caughley and Robin Walker. While playing the 1996 released game Quake, an idea popped up in the three creators’ head about adding classes to Dungeons and Dragons as well as other computer RPGs’. They then created Quake Team Fortress, began with classes of five players and later gone up to nine using weapons in Quake. Valve found out these talented creators and hired them to turn your mode into a Half-Life mod. Eventually, Team Fortress was born, quickly gained the most attention from Steam players. Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, as well as other multiplayer shooters based on classes, are clearly all descendants of Team Fortress 2.

Another game produced by Valve, Counter-Strike (CS), also came from a mod. It was the creators Minh Le and Jess Cliffe designing Counter-Strike as a Half-Life mod in 1999. Hiring Le and Cliffe, Valve has successfully developed CS to be a standalone game just like Team Fortress.


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MOBA is truly a perfect child of modders. The history of this genre began with a Blizzard's RTS Starcraft’s custom map named Aeon of Strife. When it was first released, the game was a co-operative play with players in a map of three lanes fighting AIs together as a team. Then everything changed when Kyle Sommer, a Warcraft 3 modder along with Steve Feak and other partners created Defense of the Ancients (DotA) in 2002. Developed by IceFrog, DotA step by step completed its interesting play by adding competitive multiplayer and increasing the number of heroes on each side, therefore creating battles for players to fight each other.

League of Legends was soon released after DotA and DotA 2’s success. The game now gains millions of players playing every day and an enormous profit for its game production Riot.

Every genre of games have its own story, but they all have the same ancestor: the mods. Thanks to the creative, hard-working and enthusiastic modders, game players are now enjoying the best age of the gaming industry.