The latest fad in the gaming community is Battle Royale and it appears like everyone is adding a mode that models Fortnite and PUBG to their games. Rockstar also joins this craze so now we have one for red Dead Online too.

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Red Dead Online Battle Royale mode sneak peak

Call it whatever you want, Red Dead has a mode looks like Battle Royale or Battle Royale has a mode looks like Red Dead. This newest addition is called “Gun Rush”, which is a lone-survival match that takes as many as 32 players. In this mode, you have to gather ammunition and guns to fight for your life. That is not all. The playing area will shrink constantly to force players to get closer to each other. You get to choose between the solo play and the standard team option.

From the Gun Rush Mode

To enhance users’ experience, Red Dead Online will stay in beta for a few months. However, it does not mean that players have no updates to expect. Rockstar has already come up with new content like events and missions ready to be added to the mode.

Here are some of the updates:

  • Daily Challenge: each new day packs a new challenge from escaping the law to sharpshooting.
  • Parley Changes: Parley system, Posse Feuds, Leader Feuds, and Feuds will get easier to activate.
  • Law And Bounty Upgrades: With these updates, carrying out crime will go with bounty. However, players will be encouraged to pay them off in a certain period of time. Do not wait for long as bounty hunters will hunt you down and when they do, you only have two choices, which are either running off or paying.
  • Proximity-based Player Blips: With this upgrade, other players can no longer spot you from a long distance. Moreover, players also benefit from a feature that darkens the potential threat’s blips, which means you can easily spot them from afar.