Japanese video game developer and producer, Capcom has revealed today that the 1-shot demo for Resident Evil 2 has been played by more than 1.4 million players since its launch on Jan 11, 2019.

In the demo, players have 30 minutes in order to complete a specific mission. However, according to the official website of Resident Evil 2, despite that milestone, there are only over 400,000 players out of the total of 1.4 million players (equivalent to less than 30 percent) that could complete the demo within its limited time of 30 minutes. It is worth mentioning that the number of this demo downloads can be greater due to the fact that this number is only calculated until 1 p.m EST/10 a.m PST and not to mention those who have already enable RE Net.

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Resident Evil 2

This demo will be available until Jan 31. Should you have yet to start the 30-minute timer, you should check out 7 essential tips of IGN for the demo of this game carefully.

It is expected that the official Resident Evil 2 game will be launched for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on Jan 25. According to the newly-released hands-on preview of IGN, the "sort-of-but-not remake of the 1998 survival horror masterpiece" is "so good to play, look at, and listen to that it feels like a completely new game."

Resi 2 Remake Demo
Resident Evil 2 Demo

Especially, many PC players have fortunately found a workaround and enjoyed the game's limitless playthrough, although Capcom is likely to patch this out before the game demo is unavailable in the late month.

Having overcome 1 million downloads since it was released on Friday, the demo currently had a peak of 11,000 concurrent players on Steam, which is nearly three times as many as the number of concurrent players of 4,000 that Resident Evil 7's demo bought in, according to GitHyp.

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