The Resident Evil 4 Remake offers charms that are small objects that can be added to your storage case. These charms provide advantages and bonuses that are useful for surviving the challenges of the game. I obtained the Black Bass charm during my playthrough, which boosted the effectiveness of healing from consuming black bass by 100%. As a result, I was able to endure combat by consuming black bass as if I were a crazed fish enthusiast.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Inventory

There is a wide range of charm effects available and you can attach up to three charms to your case. This allows you to customize the benefits to suit your specific play style or weapon preferences. In this article, I will provide instructions on how to unlock the shooting range, as well as tips for obtaining charms. Additionally, I will provide information on how to attempt to reroll charms, and a comprehensive list of all the charms we have discovered thus far, along with their effects.

In order to obtain charms you must first visit the shooting range managed by the merchant. This shooting range can be found in the merchant's primary store near the lake in chapter three. To access the store, you must first pass through the Quarry, after which you will arrive at the merchant's shop. Once there, take the elevator to the right of the merchant to descend into the shooting range.

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RE4R Shooting Range

By successfully completing shooting challenges in the shooting range, you can earn tokens of varying value: bronze, silver, or gold. However, each challenge only allows for the use of certain weapons. To achieve the highest score, or to obtain an additional gold token by hitting every skull symbol, you must fulfill the extra condition to unlock the bonus round. Although there is only one shooting range in the village area, there are multiple ranges in the castle and on the island, and each one offers new challenges to complete. You can also replay old challenges at each range, so there is no need to worry about achieving perfect scores before leaving the village.

There are four crucial pointers to bear in mind while playing the shooting range in the Resident Evil 4 Remake:

  • You can obliterate all targets simultaneously by shooting the dynamite.
  • Headshots do not award additional points.
  • Rifles and the Punisher can shoot through targets.
  • It is permissible to switch weapons during certain challenges.

After obtaining tokens go to the prize vending machine located near the entrance and use the tokens to obtain a random charm. Inserting three gold tokens increases your likelihood of obtaining a rare charm, but you can also use a combination of token types. Once you have obtained your charms, you can attach up to three of them to your attache case at the typewriter, thereby receiving their respective benefits.

Re4 Remake Case Charms
Re4 Remake Case Charms

In chapter 11, you will encounter the merchant who allows you to buy gold tokens for three spinels each. However, since spinels are limited and precious, it is not recommended to purchase too many gold tokens. There are a total of 30 charms that you can obtain, categorized into three different levels of rarity: common, rare, and epic. Here is a list of all the charms that have been acquired thus far:

  • Dr. Salvador (common): +20% rifle ammo craft bonus frequency
  • Don Esteban (common): +15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequency
  • Don Jose (common): +15% handgun ammo craft bonus frequency
  • Soldier w/ Hammer (common): +20% handgun ammo craft bonus frequency
  • Soldier w/ Dynamite (common): +30% craftable mines attach bonus frequency
  • Zealot w/ Shield (common): +20% shotgun ammo craft bonus frequency
  • Zealot w/ Bowgun (common): +20% bolts craft bonus frequency
  • Zealot w/ Scythe (common): +20% submachine gun ammo craft bonus frequency
  • Leader Zealot (common): +10% health bonus recovery from green herbs
  • Black Bass (rare): +100% health recovery from black bass
  • Ada Wong (rare): 30% off body armor repairs
  • Leon w/Shotgun (rare): +40% ammo resale value
  • Leon w/ Rocket Launcher (rare): 20% off rocket launcher at merchant
  • Ashley Graham (epic): +50% health recovery for green herbs

It is important to keep in mind that saving the game cannot be used to change the charms that you have obtained. Even if you save the game and try to reroll by using three sets of three gold tokens, you will still get the same three charms you received previously. If you want to reroll charms, it is recommended to try different combinations of tokens as this can lead to slightly different outcomes. Although you can obtain charms that you already have, it is not possible to stack them to increase their effectiveness. Instead, you can sell them back to the merchant for a small amount of money.

Amongst the charms I have discovered so far, those that provide a 20% increase in crafting frequency are considered powerful as they enhance the probability of obtaining additional bullets when crafting that particular type of ammunition. Another strong charm is Ada Wong, which lowers the cost of repairing body armor. This is especially useful since you will need to repair your armor frequently at every Merchant you encounter throughout the game.

Black Bass

In my opinion, the most potent charm that I came across is the Black Bass. It amplifies the amount of health recovered from consuming fish by 100%. There are numerous locations in the game where you can acquire a significant amount of bass, such as the Lake in the village, the fountain near the Courtyard in the castle, or in the watery part of the Depths area. The larger bass takes up a lot of space in your inventory, but if you fill your case with smaller ones, you won't have to worry about using healing items at all. Moreover, the bass seems to regenerate, so you can revisit the castle fountain to obtain more in subsequent chapters.

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