Looks like Capcom is going to bring the Resident Evil franchise to the next level, with a third Resident Evil release - three years in a row. This is not another remake however, as Resident Evil 4 is not dated enough to require a remake yet. The 2021 game is going to be the next entry in the main storyline of the series - "Resident Evil 8".

The previous leaks revealed that Resident Evil 8 would include vampires and a snowy castle

The source of these leaks was AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem, the same person who provided various leaks related to Resident Evil 3 Remake and Silent Hills. Based on his report, the game was originally developed as a sequel to the Resident Evil: Revelations spin-off series, however, Capcom and the alpha testers were really impressed by the prototypes - which leads to their eventual decision to turn the game into the next mainline Resident Evil.

The reveal tweet from the infamous leaker

The report further states that the formerly "Resident Evil 8" that was in the works is still rather early in its development cycle - and Capcom does not want such a big gap between the seventh and eighth games. Because of that, that title was pushed to the side so that they could focus more on this "Revelations 3" version of RE8.

Capcom has been trying to make a RE game in a castle settings before - it was the prototype version of RE 4

The game is going to be a cross-gen title, which means that you would be able to play it on both this generation (PS4, Xbox One) and the next one (PS5, Xbox X). AestheticGamer also mentioned that the game is going to depart from the common RE tropes, embrace the first-person perspective gameplay, and the "purists" would be very mad about this. The main theme would be Occultism, Hallucinations, Insanity, and Distrust - this is also a big departure from RE 1 - 6, and more in-line with its direct prequel, RE 7.

Maybe Resident Evil 3 Remake's failure was partly because of all these projects in the works - not enough resources were diverted to the title, which leads to a disappointing amount of content being cut from the final game. Interested in more of our articles related to the Resident Evil series? Please check out this post for a Final review of RE3 Remake.