Ever since Resident Evil 7's release back in 2017, people have been wondering about the future direction of the series, as Capcom currently seems to be focused on remaking past titles like Resident Evil 2 and 3. However, with this new leak reveal, fans probably won't have to worry anymore.

Resident Evil 8 Temp
Resident Evil 8 would feature werewolf-like creatures

The following information came from an anonymous leak that was submitted to Biohazard Declassified. According to the leak, the protagonist of the next entry would again be Ethan Winters, the main character of Resident Evil 7. RE 8 would again break the third person tradition of the franchise - it would be played from a first-person perspective. Fans of the series seem to be divided on this, as while some people welcome this change, others still prefer the over the shoulder look of the other three games - there are even purists who stand by the atrocious fixed camera angle of the original.

The Castle of RE4 is very similar

Chris Redfield would also make an appearance in Resident Evil 8, however, the range of his involvement is still unknown. The game would also feature classic zombies, along with new werewolf-like enemies. The main antagonist of Resident Evil 8 would be a ghost-like female who would constantly chase the main character around. She would disappear when shot at.

Resident Evil 8
The game would be in FPP, similar to RE 7

About the location that the events of the game would occur in, the leak reveals that RE 8 would take place in a small village then eventually lead to a castle that was surrounded by snowy mountains. Both this and the previously mentioned antagonist resembled the alpha version of Resident Evil 4 "Castle", which was abandoned for unknown reasons. In "Castle", the events of the game also occurred in a snowy castle, with another faceless villain which can change forms. Furthermore, Resident Evil 8's name would not have the number 8 - it would be replaced with something different.

In other news, another leak suggests that Resident Evil 8's development was just resumed for about a year, and there is no plan for any remakes after Resident Evil 3. Capcom is currently working on a reboot for Dino Crisis, another of its classic franchises. Interested in more of our video games related articles? Please check out this post for the top 10 most anticipated horror games in 2020.